June 15, 2011

Yep, I'm a moron

No, really, its true. Today I am trying to catch up with a million different things and when I looked at the calendar , it reminded me I needed to check and see if the Comfort Cross winners had received their cross as of yet.

Sooooooooo, I went to look up who the winners were and well.........uhhhhhhhh...........that's when my idiot alarm started dinging. See...........we had 2 people enter. So it was pretty clear who won. That being the case, I went ahead and prepared a winners post, directed google when to post it and left for the weekend. Because of my settings, the winners would have been notified next year. Yep, I set it for 2012. Aye Aye aye.

I kept wondering why I didn't hear back.........I guess I know why now huh?
Anyway, the winners are obviously, Small Town Mommy and Little Tiny Love. I'll be contacting you both directly and I apologize for the error. You can both feel free to beat me, but only with a wet noodle lol.

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