July 6, 2011

Caylee's Law

As I sat on the end of my bed yesterday waiting to hear the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial I smiled, because I just knew that 12 jurors were going to finally punish the evil that is Casey Anthony. That smile quickly dissipated as the verdict was read. After listening to all 7 verdicts, I sat in shock. It makes no sense to me that the 12 jurors could see that she lied to police and stalled them at every turn and yet they still found her innocent of killing her child. I understand reasonable doubt, but Casey's actions after the death of her daughter, regardless of how it happened, in my opinion went way beyond reasonable doubt and into full blown depraved indifference.

Don't bother me with "everyone grieves differently" or any of that other BS. Casey's ex-fiance said it best this morning. Casey is going to get the life she always wanted now, one of freedom and being able to do whatever she wanted with Caylee as an anchor. Not his exact words, but it's the general gist of what he said.

I've seen many remarks about how Casey will live with the guilt and she'll never really be free but let me explain something about pathological liars and narcissists. I've known a few in my lifetime and I assure you they have absolutely no guilt for ANYTHING they do. No matter what happens or what their role in it is, they will twist facts, turn them to their favor and that is what becomes the truth. They cannot be bothered with the fact that everyone else knows how something happened. What they have decided should be true is what they stick with and before long, they can't understand why others will not accept it as such. There is NO guilt! There is no sorrow. There is no regret, because the new truth made it someone else's fault and as such the pathological liar has nothing to feel sorry for. In fact, they are angry at the person they have decided must be the bearer of the blame. It's a sick game but this is most definitely how it's played and this is exactly what Casey Anthony is doing. So those of you who think she will feel bad at some point, give up. It's not going to happen. What you CAN do is try to help stop this from happening again.

First, by reporting abuse or neglect when you suspect it. All children deserve love and at least one person they can count on to meet their needs. I myself have been in situations where I wondered if I should make a report about something I suspected and I didn't, only to find out later that not only was I right........the abuse was worse than I suspected. I didn't want to get involved. I didn't want to take a chance on being wrong and causing upset in someone's life. Now, I know that my suspicions were right and 3 children were being molested by their stepfather. All I had to do was tell someone and maybe, just maybe, they could have been helped rather than endure it for 10 years. What can I say now "oops........my bad!"? Something tells me that's not quite enough. So don't be like me.......if there's nothing to what you believe, it might ruffle some feathers........if you're right, you might save a child's life. Go with the safer bet.

Second, be willing to take a stand with the government and local law makers. Beyond being a disgusting human being, Casey Anthony wasted thousands of tax payer dollars and thousands of man hours during the search for her child. As her baby lay decaying in the swamp, Casey partied and hammed it up with her friends. Once the police were notified that Caylee was missing, Casey at any point could have told her version of the truth and told them where her baby was. Unfortunately she had to go to jail to meet another inmate to get a better story first, but that isn't the point. Casey always knew where the baby was and all that time she denied the child a proper burial and basic decency that anyone should be afforded upon death. Respect! How can a Mother deny her child that much? Instead, the entire world was treated to nothing short of a soap opera where the star of the show was Casey Anthony.

Lets keep THAT from happening again. Lets keep any other Casey's out of the spotlight. There is a petition at Change.org to make it a felony not to report the death of a child within 1 hour or the disappearance of a child within 24 hours. In all honesty, I don't know how much attention politicians and lawmakers pay to change.org petitions, but if word gets out that enough of us want this to become law, maybe we will see it happen. To sign the petition, Please visit Caylee's Law and sign it. Last time I checked, 72, 133 persons had signed. Over 1 million had also agreed to turn a light on in remembrance of Caylee. We need THOSE numbers on this petition. Please spread the word on facebook, telephone, email, whatever media you choose. Call or write any elected official you can think of. Just take a step and show that you care. Casey can't be charged now for what she's done, but if this were already a felony, she'd at least serve time for letting her baby lay in a swamp for over a year while the rest of us prayed for her safe return and still others searched for days on end while Casey soaked up the limelight knowing where she was all along.

Take a stand!


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