July 13, 2011

Stillllll Waiting.....

Remember back in 2008 when myself and other bloggers were begging for votes to win the Brickfish/Futureresume.com Dream Job For A Day Competition? Guess what? There is STILL not a winner announced. For the longest time there was a "we are in the final selection process" note on the website for the contest and then that disappeared. Brickfish apparently changed hands at some point and I can only assume that is the reason the page was gone for awhile. Regardless, I kept checking intermittently and finally saw that Brickfish was back. So I sent an email asking about the contest results and I explained it was my intent to email about the website and the lack of results after so long a time. I got a letter back from someone within just a few minutes asking me to give them til the following Monday to see what the issue was and they'd let me know. I never got a return email and frankly I'm rather tired of waiting for one.

I entered the contest in good faith and followed all the rules as did many others. So why are we still waiting almost 3 years later to see who won? I went to check today and the "we are in the final selection process" page is back. How long does this take? I mean, when I entered the contest, I loved Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys and I REALLY wanted to have a dream job day in their organization. I LOVE the Cowboys! Now, i pretty much want Romo fired lol so if I did win the contest, I no longer want that particular dream job. I'm not sure if I've been potentially cheated or granted a blessing at this point.

What I do know is that I won't bother with Brickfish again and anyone hoping that FutureResume can help them get a job better have a whole lot of patience and a current day job that pays the bills already. It's kind of sad too because one of the reasons I got involved other than the contest prize was that FutureResume seemed to have a very good company base and I really thought they were reputable. They very well may be since I'm not sure who is to blame for the delay in closing up the loose ends of the contest, but i would think both companies would share the blame in not even letting participants know there was an issue.

Sooooooo, here I sit along with all the others wondering exactly what the problem is. I'll update if there's ever a change, but i won't sit here holding my breath that a winner will be announced anytime soon. Blue just isn't my color after all.


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