July 13, 2011

To Netflix or Not To Netflix.....What A Question!

So all day yesterday and today I've been seeing posts on Facebook from people upset about the new price change that Netflix is implementing. Many say they are cancelling their service. Others are saying they are sending hate mail to the company. Still others are planning to change over to Hulu to teach Netflix a lesson.

For me personally, I have no problem with the price change. What this means for me is that a service I love is going to be $1 cheaper a month with no change in what I am currently getting. We just don't order the DVD's really so it doesn't affect us. So go ahead.......change it! Where do I sign up?

Those who are planning to move over to Hulu better check out the available content first. Hulu Plus has made it possible to watch content via XBOX 360 for $10 a month. As I mentioned before though much of what Hulu has, is not available through Hulu Plus so with a few exceptions, it's an exercise in frustration to find anything to watch. That may change in the future but for now, save your money and stay with Netflix. You save money and your sanity.

On the upside, there is a loophole with Hulu. By purchasing a Playon TV subscription for as low as 4.99 you can pretty much watch anything you want through your Xbox360 that Hulu has available. It does not have to be a Hulu Plus Program. You also get plugins to watch shows on CBS that are not available at all on Hulu. The downside to this method is that you have to download playon to your computer and the content is streamed through your computer, through your Xbox and then to the TV. A nice fast computer would make this an easier process without losing too much picture quality. Slower older computers work too, you just don't get the high quality picture that Netflix offers. Still, it's cheap, reliable and it's a much better solution than Hulu Plus.

For those who really like the DVD option and are considering ditching it for Redbox.......think about this. For UNLIMITED DVD's Netflix is going to charge a flat fee. If you watched and returned the movie immediately you could probably watch at least $15 movies a month for under $10. Redbox charges $1 for each night. Sure it's still a good value, but if you really like movies, you could find yourself spending a whole lot more than you would with Netflix's flat rate fee. That just doesn't make any sense to me and really......it's not healthy to sit and watch movies all day and night anyway. I say, keep Netflix and while you wait for your next movie, Go mow your lawn, play with your kids, pet your dog, take a walk, volunteer some time at a charity. Overall your going to be much happier in the end. If you just can't do that, I can't believe anyone can REALLY watch everything netflix offers in Live Streaming.

I know it seems like Netflix is doing their customers dirty but have you seen the price of gas lately? That Netflix subscription, whichever you choose,is going to last a lot longer than the same amount in gas does. I'm just sayin........


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stacybuckeye said...

I'm not happy about the change, but people are going a bit crazy over it. It's a business. Still keeping my subscription.