August 9, 2011

More Fun, More Sun, More Happy Times & Hopefully No Sad

I know i'm starting to get redundant. You don't have to tell me. We just had such an awesome day at the lake last weekend. The sky was beautiful, the water was nice, cool and not too many waves. There weren't a whole bunch of boats in the way to mess things up for us either. So we had loads of room to pull the tube and ride the jetski. Awesome, Awesome day!

On the downside we probably won't be able to do it again this weekend. Our little Minnie is going in for surgery on Thursday. I'm actually pretty angry about her needing to have this surgery at all. I had taken her in about 4 years ago and asked about her getting spayed. she was 10 at the time and the vet told me that there wasn't really a point in getting her spayed since she was always with us and due to her age. So I listened to him and left well enough alone.

Then about a year later I took her in because I noticed she had a knot on her stomach. The same vet said it was a Mammary knot and not to worry about it unless it started growing. It stayed the same for years and in the last 2 months started growing at an alarming rate. So we took her to a vet in our new area and now we are headed for surgery. She'll have the knots removed as well as be spayed to prevent any further issues.

To be honest, I'm conflicted about the whole thing. One one hand the knots have to be removed. On the other, she's 14 and I'm so afraid she won't survive the operation. The vet says they are going to do several tests before they do anything else and if it's not safe, they won't do the operation. if it comes to that the plan will be to make her as comfortable as possible. She's not in pain it seems, and anti-inflammatories keep the biggest knot from impeding her ability to jump on the couch , etc. She eats fine, she plays, she is her normal self so she is definitely not suffering. Hopefully, she will be okay and this will just be something that will piss her off a bit but keep her in our lives a bit longer. We'd be lost without her.

Sooooooo, please keep a prayer in your heart for her and "her kids", AKA, my kids lol. They need each other.


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