August 12, 2011

Oh Minnie, How We Love Thee

Before Surgery

Shall We Count The Ways?
We love that creepy little grin that Tyler gets you to do.
We love it when you chase off HUGE dogs that are 50 times your size because they dared to come near your kids.
We love how we can't leave anything sweet around because you will sneak it at the first opportunity.
We love how you stand and shiver staring at us in hopes we'll let you snuggle on the couch with us.
We love how you bite us for trying to give you a bath. It's annoying for sure but it's always been your way.
We love how we have to warn the Vet that he'll need to sedate and muzzle you to do almost anything and yet your part Pitt bull brother allows the vet to do anything he wants. Irony there.
We love you totally and completely for just being you.

Now why am I listing all these things? I'm calling it a forgiveness list. Minnie had her surgery yesterday. When she first came home she was still woozy and probably a little in shock so she was all for some snuggling and sleeping. Then at 4 this morning, she snapped out of it and let me tell you........she's pissed. I can't say I blame her really either. We know she hates to be messed with, especially by strangers.

Yesterday when we took her to the vet, we handed her over to a stranger. Strike 1
Strike 2 was when the strangers actually dared to try to take blood for a test and we didn't save her.
Strike 3 was when she woke up after the surgery and realized we weren't there.

At 4 this morning, I don't know what happened, but I was laying there sleeping and the next thing I know the little bundle on my bed came alive and she was standing there staring at me like "WTF have you done?" I tried to sweet talk her and get her to calm down but it took awhile. This morning she pretty much won't even look at me. Like I said, at this point I don't blame her.
This morning....before the pain meds kicked in. Refusing to look at me but wide awake

She has staples from her hind legs to her front legs. She lost right at 3 pounds during the surgery. I was told yesterday that it was 2 but the vet tech called this morning to check on her and told me it was 3. Minnie is a chihuahua so she doesn't weight much to begin with. But all the weight we thought she had turned out to be the fact that her uterus was incredibly enlarged and then she had the tumors as well.

Sooooooo, not only did she have the tumors removed, she also had a complete hysterectomy as well. Now she feels like half the doggie she was before when we pick her up.....very carefully. Mostly we try to NOT pick her up unless she just really insists. She bites us every time no matter how careful we are so I feel like the more we can get her to stay on the ground in her bed with a blankie the better off she'll be and the faster she will heal.

On the upside, when she woke up again at 6 we got out of bed and she walked around for a few minutes. She kept staring at me like she wanted something, possibly to kill me. So I got her a bowl of food to see if maybe she was hungry. She ate a few good bites and drank some water. Then she started trying to lick the incisions so I realized she might need her pain meds. The easiest way to give them to her since it's a liquid is to hollow out part of a hot dog, squirt the meds inside and then she'll take it just fine. She also ate most of the rest of the hot dog as well. So she's doing pretty good i think. She's resting comfortably now in her blankie.
awwwww, sweet medicated bliss

Keep saying prayers though please.......she has to keep the staples in for 2 weeks and we are waiting for the test results to tell us if the tumors were benign or not. We're desperately praying that they were just a product of the over enlarged uterus and high hormone levels, which is a very good possibility. She's heart worm negative and the x-rays did not show any spreading so we're hoping that's a good sign. She's 14, we know we won't have her forever, but we have always tried to make sure she's loved, protected, kept in good health and spoiled in a manner to which she's become accustomed. We wouldn't want it any other way.


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