August 10, 2011

Stupid People: First Edition

I woke up this morning with an attitude. I admit it. I can't say anyone in particular put me in this mood. In fact i think I went to bed with the attitude as well. No one really caused it. I think I'm just sick of the stupid crap that seems to plague my life. Normally, it just irritates me. Which causes me to be in a bad mood and irritate everyone else. So this morning, when I got up with the attitude and read some emails, I decided that I have 3 choices.

A. Get even more irritated and find a way to go through the computer to bitchslap stupid people. This would probably be the most satisfying approach. I won't lie..........I'd love it if I could figure out how to do it. The problem is, I'm no mathematical genius with the abilities to design a time machine or wormholes through space, etc. If those ever become available, people better watch out, but until then, I think another approach would be better.

B. Ignore them. Ummmmm, yeah, that might work for some people but not me. I'm entirely too bitchy and smart ass to allow true stupidity to pass without comment.

C. Laugh. Nothing makes stupid people madder than being laughed at and having their stupidity pointed out to themselves and others. No, it's not nice, but this debate isn't about how to handle the matter sensitively. It's about me finding the best way to deal with stupid people and ignorant situations in such a way that I don't stay mad all day and others aren't harmed.

So, armed with those choices, I chose the latter, more ME approach and have decided that from now on I will save all my "stupid moments" up and share them on Wednesdays. That way I can look forward to sharing them and maybe some of you can grab a few laughs as well.

So here it is for your reading pleasure. Stupid Moments Of The Week. First Edition:

#1. I listed a GE Mini Refrigerator yesterday for $40 as a Today ONLY special. At the end of the listing I specified I would NOT hold it for anyone. I got the following email, not once but twice from the same person. This is a copy and paste, not MY spelling.

"Hi can you hold the refigertator until Friday and deliver it? I can buy it from you for $35. Thank you." ( gee thanks!! You mean I can, hold it, take less for it AND deliver it??? Where do I sign up?"

then I got :

"If you are unable to sell this I would be happy to take it for free" ( I realize the economy is tight right now, but hello??? I'm pretty sure most people would love for me to give it away as well genius, but i'm glad you're willing to be so generous)

On put this on an auction site almost a week ago:

Tattoo Inc, Iron On Transfer
Very cute design for backpack, t-shirt or pretty much anything. iron on is great quality and good for one use. Includes instructions

I was asked this question:
"can it be used on skin and how long does it last" I answered about as politely as I could but the whole time I was thinking " i almost want to say yes, just to see if someone tries it". Aren't you glad I'm nice?

Last but not least, I listed the following on craigslist:

Non-running EZ-Go Golf cart (Yes this was the actual title)
I was asked by 4 different people "Does it run?" Because the question was just too stupid for words I sent them all the following picture in reply:


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