October 7, 2011

Magically....She Reappears!

Yep, I'm still around. I know some of you are cheering. I'm equally sure there are a few who were hoping for a death notice. Get over yourself. I'm not going anywhere. 

Part of my new found life free of most of the drama and the people who thrive on it, is the fact that I'm actually happy and therefore not around as much. Great for my happiness, not so great for my blog. It's one of those things that just simply can't be avoided but it still bothers me a little nonetheless.

I have considered doing a weekly post with helpful tips and such to take a little pressure off myself but lets face it, with the colder weather coming up I will probably not be able to be outside as much, so blogging might be easier. I hate the cold. I'm not exactly fond of the heat either mind you. So I might be around more soon. 

Things are going well around here. We even had a miracle occur which I will get to in a sec. Jonathon is working more.......he likes that he's making more money but he's practically living from a suitcase. Daniel got yet another promotion and is about to get another raise. Zach is doing awesome in school and has straight A's as usual. He'll be taking his Pre-PSAT in a few weeks and is studying and practicing for it. I'm sure he'll do fine so no worries there.  

As for the miracle........well those of you who know my family........try not to pass out. In fact, sit down before reading further.  You probably shouldn't drink or eat anything just yet either unless someone is around to save you in case you start choking. Ready? Okay, don't say I didn't warn you. Ashley desperately needs dental help.  No, that's not the miracle. Keep reading. I have been trying to come up with the money or resources to help her better but they just aren't there right now. I just kept praying something would  happen that would allow me to help her. Here's the Miracle. Her Father...........yes, Bill Johnson, added her to his health care plan at work so that she could get things taken care of. It took him almost 21 years folks but he did it! Ok, who all passed out? I almost did when I heard he was even thinking about it. When he called and asked for her social and her birth date in order to implement his idea, I nearly choked to death.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting him down really. I give him credit when he does something good, I just can't believe he actually did something for her. This is the same guy who went to great lengths to take his girlfriends kids to swim with the dolphins and made a nasty comment asking if Ashley was "jealous" because she wasn't invited. Sure she's 20 but her feelings were definitely hurt when she was informed by the kids that they were going and Ashley's dad was paying for it. Not that the kids had any idea mind you. They're the cutest little things and I'm positive they had no idea Ashley's feelings would be hurt. They're just kids and they were excited. 

On the upside, Karma delivered him a beautiful bitch slap upside the head for his nasty comment lol. The weekend they were supposed to go, a hurricane came through Florida. I did feel bad for the poor kiddo's, but I'm sure they probably got to go when the weather was better. So I won't apologize for the little smile I wore all weekend on my daughter's behalf.

So anyway, Ashley will now be able to get her dental work done and I can cross that off my worry list. Yay me! Yay Ashley! Thank you Jesus. Thank you Bill for giving a crap......finally.

In other news, mine and Phillip's business venture is going wonderfully. We made a great profit at the auction this weekend and are that much closer to getting into the real estate ventures we have planned.  Once that's done I will finally be able to kill the neighbors  , err.....move somewhere away from these crazy people next door.

When I say crazy i mean really, really crazy. The woman needs serious help. I think her husband might be fairly normal but he's learned to shut up and agree with her so that he doesn't wake up one night with her holding a butcher knife over his heart. I have actually prayed for her. I prayed that she would grow a few brain cells and be normal. I prayed she'd get an enema and maybe she could expel all the crap she comes up with from her butt and not her mouth. Or the stick that's wedged up there at the very least.  I prayed that her phones would all suddenly die and she could quit sitting on the porch ALL DAY LONG talking loudly about her retarded dogs that bite neighborhood kids and her own family that she still can't be bothered to put up.  I prayed someone else would finally just tell her what she really thinks of her so that maybe it would solve both our problems. She wouldn't be forced to listen to lies on a daily basis and I wouldn't have to put up with all their retarded dogs in my yard all the time tearing things up and trying to bite my family and our visitors.  I also prayed that at some point Jesus would bitch slap her for constantly using his name while she lies through her teeth. I prayed and prayed and prayed! The biggest problem is that she's just like some other people I know who sit around trying to think of something dramatic she can make up about other people or take a tiny bit of truth and turn it into something else. 

We apparently have this magical ability to steal their paychecks, but only near the time the rent is due. Never mind the fact that we have never gotten any mail for them except once and it was delivered to them before we ever came into our house, we are definitely stealing their mail. Just ask them, they'll be happy to tell ya all about it.

We are probably also to blame for them firing their Hispanic"ranch hand" for the time being. I put it in quotations because who the hell needs a ranch hand  for 2 cows and 3 or 4 horses? Probably someone who sits on the phone all day talking about dogs and making up crap come to think of it.  I really hope the guy finds better employment and gets away from these people finally. According to him and some of the family members, they literally treated him like a child but most of the time refused to feed him or pay him as agreed. There's a lot to the story and many reasons why he put up with it. I'm hoping he is able to move on though. He is a nice enough guy from what I can tell and really, slavery ended a very long time ago.

The worst part of all this is that except for Daniel being verbally grossed out by the the men in the family not wearing shirts outside when we first moved out here........we haven't done anything to these people. All we want is for their dogs and cats to stay in their own yard and not have to defend ourselves from 2 dogs that clearly have no business being loose. I have said "I will shoot those dogs if they bite someone on our property" and I assure you I will do exactly that. The Sheriff's dept has made it clear that if the dogs are in my yard I have the right to do so because they are considered nuisance animals. I don't want to shoot them for being in my yard and I won't, but if they bite someone over here that's it.  I pay my rent, sometimes it's late, but I pay it and I do not do so in order for the neighbors to have free reign over here. That is the problem though. They want all the property to themselves and don't care that other people have rights as well.

I understand they don't want to pen their dogs up. I HATE having to chain mine up to be able to go outside for fresh air, but *I* am a responsible owner. *I* know that my dogs do not belong in someone else's yard. My dogs do not belong outside unattended with no fence. My dogs do not belong across the street or in the street stopping traffic almost daily. My dogs do not need to be bred constantly to put more unwanted dogs in the world. I LOVE my dogs and it would be wrong to allow them to be a nuisance like these dogs are. The problem is that everyone else on this road see's it except for them. I've even asked fellow neighbors to PLEASE not shoot these dogs and that if they finally do, to come and tell the people they did it so that me and my family won't be blamed for something  we didn't do. It's just maddening!

I'm not saying we are perfect, but none of them are in danger of being attacked by my dogs. Harley has gotten loose a couple times accidentally and acted stupid towards their dogs, but we were right there to get him and he got his butt busted. He did NOT act aggressive towards a person though, just towards dogs he's seen trying to attack his family. Even at that, we went to bigger lengths to keep it from happening. These people seem to think its their dog's right to come over here and bark and growl at us while we sit on our own front porch. Or to charge us while we go to get something from our car. There's a HUGE difference in Harley acting dumb because we relaxed our guard and their dogs doing it on a consistent basis with no attempt by them to stop the behavior. I guess when they do eventually bite someone over here and I either shoot the dog or get everyone who knows the dog has bitten the requisite three times to have the dog declared vicious and put down by the authorities they might finally understand that if they love the dog, they should protect it from it's stupidity as well as their own. Maybe.........but they'll probably just blame us lol.

Soooooooo,you're all caught up now and I feel better for having vented. 

Oh wait, no you aren't. You have to see Minnie! She's going to be a Bumblebee for Halloween. 

Have you EVER seen a cuter bumblebee in your life?? No you haven't. I'm sure of it!

NOW, you're caught up :)


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