December 28, 2011

Good Deeds and New Year Resolutions

It's 2012!! Yippee........or something like that. I don't really get why some people are so excited about the year changing. It doesn't feel any different. Nothing changes but the year.  Anyway, like most everyone I have made some plans for changes in this New Year. Yep, I said before that I didn't believe in making "resolutions" because I know I'll break them in no time flat. Don't we all? I will however make a few promises to myself this year.

A. Get in better shape. I've already started on this but I want to expand on it. With the cooler weather, I want to go hiking on the weekends or biking through the rails in the State Parks. We did it last year and it was a great time. 

B. Get a better job. I don't think that needs much explanation lol. I want more money! Period.

C. Get back to my crafts. I love to crochet and "George" got me a sewing machine for Christmas that I wanted. There are so many things I could be doing instead of playing Farmville and such. Productive things!

D. Enjoy the sunshine more. Because I work from home, I am in the house a great deal. I'm tired of it. "George" got me a great table and chairs for outside and I have this huge yard. I could be planting flowers, or even taking some of my work outside. 

E. Declutter! I'm actually doing it this week. Going to get a garbage bag and start throwing crap away. If there's not much in the house, then there's not much to mess up. That's the theory anyway.

So there they are. Promises made to myself and I will be keeping them.

On another note, as most of my readers know, I love animals. Particularly dogs. I honestly feel that they are God's gift to mankind. They're a reminder of his unconditional love and a companion who doesn't lie or cheat and their greatest joy in life is simply to be with the people they love.  When someone cannot or will not return that love it's just a truly sad and heartbreaking thing to see.

I know this from past experience with the pit bull, Big Max, that we adopted and I saw it again today. I've been extremely sick the last few days and finally decided I desperately needed some Ibuprofen for my headache. So I made my 16 year old go with me to Wal-Mart so that we could get that as well as a few other things.

As we pulled up, we saw a group of people standing around a grassy area where a dog lay. She was moving so I thought maybe she was just attracting attention, but the worried looks on some people's faces told me there was more to the story. Nosy ass Caring person that I am, I went and checked to see what was going on. I was told that the dog had been in the parking lot for several. days and that for the last day or so had become lethargic. Around her there were hamburgers from MCDonalds where several people had tried to get her to eat. She simply had no interest. She was just laying there. 

Others who had seen her said that she had lain in the same spot overnight in 30 degree weather and that it was painfully obvious that she was waiting for someone to come back and get her. Every time she heard a loud muffler her eyes would spark up, her ears would stand up and her tail would wag. I'm guessing that whoever dumped her had a loud truck and she associated it with them. It was heartbreaking to watch.

As we were all standing there deciding who might help, I was informed that Wal Mart Had been calling the SPCA and the animal control unit to come get her. Since she appeared sick it was pretty clear she'd likely just be euthanized and I just wasn't having any of that.

So I called a local rescue that I know of and asked if she could possibly take this sweet girl in. I told her I'd bring Dog food for her and help find her a home and the rescuer agreed immediately to help. I know she would have done so without any offers of help though. She truly cares about animals and their care. As a plus, she's also a groomer and I knew that she could give this gal a bath and help her look pretty for a new potential owner.

So I had my son stand with the dog in case animal control came to get her so he could tell them we were going to take her and their services were not needed. Then another young girl told the manager of walmart that I was taking the dog to a rescue and to please call off animal control. While I was standing in line, this young lady and the manager came to get me out of line. Apparently the manager of Walmart wanted to help after all and offered me a gas card and to pay for the 2 bags of dog food I had already chosen. I turned down the gas card since it was on my way anyway but I did let them comp the dog food. I figured that way, if it took a little time to get the doggie a home I'd still be able to afford to buy a couple more bags of dog food.

So we dropped the little gal off and as of the last report she's eating, she's wagging her tail and that spark is coming back in her eyes. I really hope this sweet girl gets the home she truly deserves. The loyalty she was showing by remaining where she was set out deserves to be rewarded. I know that somewhere out there is a perfect home with someone who will love her like all God's animals deserve to be loved. 

I also hope the people that dropped her off, find themselves in 12 kinds of hell for the rest of their life and I hope their kids are treated better than the dog was. Personally, I think if you can't treat a dog or any animal right, you have no business forming a human being........the things you'll be teaching them, aren't anything the rest of us care to see in the world.

Happy New Year and may you all get exactly what's coming to you. You have the power to decide whether it's good or bad. Choose wisely :)


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