December 13, 2011

Save Money AND Give Them What They Want!

Every year since my kids have been small I've asked them what they want for Christmas. They always had this huge list of things. Some they got, some they didn't. As the years have gone by the list has gotten slightly smaller, but the items on it have gotten much bigger in terms of cost. For instance, this year I'm supposed to find a way to get a Kindle Fire but an IPAD is acceptable. I'm also under orders to get things like Laptops, Netbooks, Cowboy boots and miscellaneous other items that cost way beyond what I can spend. Awwwwww, the joys of Motherhood right?

This year I got smart though. Rather than try and kill myself trying to pay full price for items they want I've learned to shop online. more importantly, I found a place to get coupons to save on the exact items the kids are asking for. Geek Alerts has a collection of the best Apple coupon codes I've found. There are codes for free shipping, free laser engraving for Ipods, IPhone coupons, smart cover coupons and much, much more. The best part is, I can get great savings and not have to fight the crowds in the stores. I make the purchase and it comes right to my door. I can't help but love that! Plus since many of the requests on their wish lists are for Apple items, these Apple coupon codes are really coming in handy!

Not only does geek Alerts have coupons for the Apple Store, they also have coupons for many other awesome online markets as well, such as, and I don't have all day to tell you all the coupons you can find at See for yourself, save some money and make someone on your Christmas list very happy. Your bank account will thank you for it! Time for me to go do some shopping. Merry Christmas!


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