December 13, 2011

Still Not Feeling It

So, I finally started my shopping. I'm famous for waiting til the last minute but I don't usually wait THIS long. I'm not really sure why it's taking me so long this year either other than I just don't feel like it. I kicked off "Fudge Season" On Thanksgiving just like normal. Mostly because I probably would have been killed otherwise. One of my sisters wouldn't hear of fudge season not happening. She didn't get any of the first batch though because it got eaten in pretty short order.

So Saturday I made some for her since I knew I would see her the next day and I eve made banana bread too. I figured that baking and making the holiday favorites would help get me in the Christmas Spirit but it didn't. Not even a little. I walk through Walmart and keep wishing they would stop playing the darn music. I swear if you are shopping for more than 30 minutes you will hear the same song at least 3 times in 3 different versions. For instance, Rudolph was heard the other night sung by Martina McBride, George Strait and I think Bing Crosby. I realize there are only so many famous Christmas songs but come on!!! Mix it up or something! I don't like ANY Christmas song THAT much.

So here I sit, feeling all Bah Humbug-gy. Maybe I should get out my Santa Claus is Coming to town movie. I know every single word of the show by heart but it always makes me smile. If that doesn't work, i might just have to resort to more drastic measures. Like a 24 hour Christmas movie marathon, with fudge, hot chocolate, spiked eggnog and a really gross looking fruit cake that no one will eat but will definitely remind everyone of the holidays. I can hear the kids groaning already and I haven't even published this yet lol.


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