May 4, 2012

Tip-Toeing In

Yep, it's been awhile. No, I don't particularly care to explain why either. Not that I have an issue with saying why really, it's just that I've been REALLY busy and it would take all day to list the reasons.

On the upside, things are going really well in life and I couldn't be happier! Well, I guess I could but i'm working on fixing those few things that have me upset. I know that God's work will be done to fix those few things. So I handed them over to him and I know it will work out.

Other than that, life is moving on. Big plans are being made and good things are happening. JJ, my oldest, is working hard and getting lots of hours in so that he can buy a new truck. Zachery is still kicking butt in school just like always. Ashley, got her ID today so that she can start looking for a job. Daniel has met a really sweet girl that we all love to pieces and they are getting married next year. Oh and I think Jetski season starts Sunday!! Woohooo!! ( Is it bad that I am more excited about jetski season starting than I am my son getting married? In my defense, that's not til next year lol and I really AM excited about it!)

See? Good stuff right? I always knew that somehow we would leave the dark times behind us and it's happening. slowly but surely. All good things come with time and patience. Especially when you work hard for it and deserve it. God knows we definitely have and most certainly do!

This is just a quickie post for the moment. I plan to start updating more often but as we all know, what I plan to do and what ends up happening aren't always the same thing. I'll try though. I like to keep my friends updated and my enemies just totally pissed off lol. The happier I am, the madder they get. It's a beautiful life I tell ya. We'll see what happens though.

In the meantime, I hope my friends and readers are all doing very well and have many, many reasons to smile.


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