June 18, 2012

40 Pounds Down! Win Your First Bag Free!

As I mentioned before, I am sooooooooo completely happy with my new healthy lifestyle that I can't believe it! Lets face it......I'm all about easy, fast cooking meals that taste good too. I've never been all that worried about counting calories, etc. Until I started working from home, I never HAD to. Apparently sitting on your butt all day working 80 hours a week will do some pretty ookie things to your metabolism. Not to mention the size of your uhhhhhh........assets!

I've tried pretty much every diet and diet pill there is out there. Low carb, high protein, cabbage soup, the stewardess diet, you name it, I probably tried it. Some of them work for awhile, but no matter how effective they are momentarily.........the weight is coming back! You have to truly commit to changing your life, not JUST your waistline to maintain a healthy weight.

That's what I love about Visalus! Not only is it healthy weight loss, but it makes it easier to make the changes needed. I have found that during the almost 3 months I have been on the shakes, I have lost not only pounds and inches, but I have lost the desire to drink soda's. If I slip and have something unhealthy, my stomach tells me so! I can practically hear it going "Oh My GAWD what are you doing to me???" My body craves GOOD food now!

The shakes are easy, nutritious, versatile and fantastic!

The pictures do not lie! Look at the dates! All the info can be verified on my own facebook page and my friends and family who are watching me shrink lol.

Approx November 2011

nbsp;             5-1-12.......I had been on Visalus approximately 1 month at this point

5-18-12   Down 7 pounds from the previous picture

5-22-12.....Down 5 more pounds!!!

5-29-12  the first side view picture I have allowed to be taken in years! It shows I still have a way to go........but I'm damn proud of my progress! :) This was another 6 pounds down!

6-7-12. Down 5 more pounds!

I'll do another new picture this week with a weight loss update. I was extremely sick all week last week and had a high fever, which caused me to lose about 10 pounds. I felt that was an unfair advantage and decided not to update til this Tuesday. It's highly important to me that all my updates reflect honesty as well as the product I love :)

In total, I've lost 43 pounds, 8 inches off my waist and 7 inches off my hips. That's in just 2 months! Now I wish I had taken more before pics early on lol.  All I'm doing is having 2 shakes per day and eating whatever I cook for the rest of the family at night. I have healthy snacks throughout the day as well. Things like, baby carrots, steamed broccoli, salads, fruit, string cheese, boiled eggs, even my own homemade energy bites which are made with my Visalus shake mix and other healthy ingredients. I am never hungry. I am not starving myself. I have never felt better in my life!

The best part is that at first it WAS costing me about 99.00 a month! That might seem like a lot of money but look at the other diet plans! They can cost several hundreds for special foods that taste horrible! YOU make your shakes. YOU tailor them to your liking. If I backed off to just one a day, it would be $49.00 a month. Luckily, Visalus is soooooo awesome that they allow you to earn your shake mix for FREE! So I am not paying anything but shipping costs AND I am losing weight! Could I really ask for more?

I really, REALLY want to share my good fortune with everyone because I truly, truly believe in this stuff. It just WORKS! Want to try it out for yourself? I'm doing a giveaway! 2 parts actually!

There are several ways to enter and everyone gets something just for entering! The ONLY catch is that ONLY persons who like my facebook page will be able to get the free sample. Leave a comment for each task you do in order to enter multiple times!

A: Like my facebook page and read the testimonials for my current, real life customers! That's it........just like it. Make sure I can message you so I can get your name and address and I will send you a free, no risk, no hassle sample and a list of over 100 recipes! 

B: Tweet about this giveaway. Use my facebook page link in your tweet to get credit and then come back here leaving a link to your tweet as a comment.

C: Leave a comment on my page telling me how much weight you'd like to lose and why.

D. Post about this Giveaway on facebook and put my facebook page link in your post. Please make sure it's public and then come back and copy the link to your post here as a comment.

What will you win? Well............I am going to give the grand Prize winner a $49 Value Balance Kit! That's a whole bag of Visalus Nutritional Shake Mix, Flavorings and a weight tracking booklet!

Contest ends July 18th. Samples however will be mailed as soon as I have your information.

Don't want to wait to order? Shoot me a message , use "Sign Me Up" in the subject and I will give you a link with which to do exactly that! Yes of course I could do it here, but as much as I like to get mine for free, it is VERY important that my own customers get theirs for free too! That's only fair right? So I will send you links that will do exactly that! Then I will ask for the link YOU are given and guess what? My next priority is to see to it that YOU get it for free! see how sweet I am? You could literally lose all the weight you want and ONLY spend $49 one time and then earn the huge kits for JUST SHIPPING COSTS!. Awesome huh? You don't even HAVE to promote! I will do it for you!

Get started today! Whether it's asking for a sample or jumping in feet first by ordering, get your life started in a healthy direction today!

Have Questions? Ask me in a comment or send me an email. Please use "Visalus questions" in the subject. I will get back to you immediately :)

Oh and one last thing........this free balance kit contest is open to US and Canada users as well as persons with military addresses all over the world. It's even open to current Visalus users..........all I ask is that if you don't NEED the chance to win a free bag...........Please consider donating the kit if you win to someone who is really looking to lose weight. You already know what Visalus is like...........give someone else a chance to do the same :)



Cafe Bag said...

I just tweeted about your giveaway. https://twitter.com/dallassinglemom/status/217351274830630912

Cafe Bag said...

I'd like to lose 30 pounds.

Giant Sis said...

(and I like your FB page - liz n.)
wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

Giant Sis said...

I need to lose 15 pounds (again - they snuck back on) and another 10 pounds would be my ideal weight. Seems like so far to go...