July 10, 2012

Start Your New Life Free and Win $30 too!

I know, I know. I keep talking about this Visalus stuff and not much more lately but if you could see how much this stuff has changed my life you'd understand why I love it so much! It's not just the amount of weight I have lost, it's all the things I can do again with the weight gone as well!

As many of you know, I LOVE going out on the jet ski's as often as possible but I used to be terrified of falling off it. Partly because in general, I freak if water is over my head, but MOSTLY because falling off in the water, especially water more than ankle deep made getting back on the jet ski quite an ordeal. Now......i jump off on purpose in waist deep or more water just so I can show off in being able to get back on! That might not seem like a big deal to most people, but you had to be there before I lost the weight lol. Before......It might take 6 or 7 times, many bruises all over, tipping the jet ski over, etc. Now.....one try and I'm up, one bruise! (For some reason, I always manage to hit this ONE spot on my left leg and it knots up and bruises. It's totally worth it though! Kind of like a badge of honor)

Soooooo, to share my happiness, I want to give away a Visalus Balance Kit! What's that you ask? Well, it's a bag of Visalus Nutrition Shake Mix (makes 30 shakes), a weight loss/nutrition tracking booklet, 5 packets of flavorings and a newly added Bonus from yours truly. Because I want you to start out with the best possible chance, I am going to now include a $30 Wal-mart Gift Card. This way you not only get the free shake mix, but you get money to go buy yourself some fresh fruits, milks, and other flavorings to make your shakes even more awesome!  I've also made it easier to enter by using Rafflecopter! What more can you ask for here?

I have lost over 47 pounds drinking things like this!

See? The pics tell the tale! Join me in my tasty, HEALTHY,weight loss Journey! You will be sooooooooo glad you did!

The Before picture was taken on 5-31-12 and the after was taken about a month ago after being on Visalus for just over 2 months!

ENTER NOW!! Start Your New Life!

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Donna Grace said...

I'd love to lose 70 pounds to get my blood pressure in check and feel good!

Donna Grace said...

I'd love to lose 70 pounds to get my blood pressure in check and feel good!

1stopmom said...

I have been trying to lose my baby weight forever. My baby will be 10 at the end of this month. I need something to help me along.