October 16, 2012

Frustration Situation!

What do you do when you've tried to clean the carpet and it refuses to come clean? I used to think that you try again. Now I've decided, you replace it! Immediately! That's where I am right now! I have tried pretty much every carpet cleaning solution there is on the market and there is just nothing that will get the carpet as clean as I want it to be. Not that I'm some kind of neat freak, I just can't stand to clean something and it look like I did nothing. I'm big on "immediate gratification". I want to SEE the job done, not wait for the floor to dry to be able to see if it looks better.

So, I have been looking for ways to cost effectively replace the carpet in this house. Don't get me wrong......"George" isn't a messy housekeeper. He actually keeps things pretty clean, but his favorite vacuum is a non electric little push thing that you see used in a restaurant or something. They work for quick surface cleaning, but they aren't exactly known for deep cleaning. Now that I am trying to do the deep cleaning, I'm frustrated. Replacing the carpet, will end said frustration. Therefore, that's the new goal. Fix what needs to be fixed, replace what needs to be replaced. Sounds good in theory anyway.

I've been looking though to see what it would cost, how it could be done and I've found a great deal of places that have wonderful prices on stain resistant carpeting but so far not much in my area. It's not like I can just run out and Shop carpet prices for Mason City and get a great deal for myself here in Splendora, Tx. I have to try and find a great deal here where I live and hope that I can get a good deal like people in Mason City can.

Wish me luck. If I can't have new carpet.......I'm putting out there that whoever buys me a new steam cleaner will be my new favorite person. You never know what that could do. Fudge season could open early, I could babysit for free every weekend, you just never know..........hint hint!


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