October 16, 2012

Hello Fall?

A few days ago it was practically sweltering here in Texas and today I can't get warm to save my life. Honestly, it's not really that cold today, it's just that it's a lot different from yesterday's temperature! One minute you can't walk across the yard without almost melting and the next it's cold. Welcome to Texas weather. if you don't like it, wait a little bit......it will change.

Anyway, the temperature change had me thinking about the hot tub today. I love and I do mean LOVE the hot tub during the winter. It's about the only time in Texas that it can actually be used as a hot tub. Other times it's simply a "lukewarm tub". "George" and I get it warm, turn on the jets and drink frozen margarita's. In the winter, we do much the same, except the water is actually hot and we have to run really fast to get inside before we freeze half to death. It's sooooooo relaxing though and well worth the freezing lol.

Today, during lunch, I did some internet surfing though, trying to find some idea's to show "George" for the entertainment deck we keep talking about wanting to build. We have a whole bunch of wood but we aren't doing anything with it! It was free......I could have an awesome deck where I could drink my coffee in the mornings and watch the cardinals in the bird feeder. So in my surfing, I came across phoenix pool repair and let me tell you, they have some awesome designs. So awesome in fact that I have now decided that along with that deck I am going to have to have a pool as well. Sure, they're located in Phoenix but maybe if we paid extra? Ok, we all know I don't have that kind of money, but if I did, I'd be begging them to do a design for me. I had no idea that pools could be so beautiful as well as functional and made to fit in with the surroundings! Amazing!

Guess, I'll keep working really hard, buying lottery tickets, praying to the big guy and hoping real hard that some day, I'll get a pool to go with that hot tub. Hey, it doesn't hurt to dream right?


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