October 13, 2012

It's So Quiet....

With all the new life changes going on, it's time I start updating again. Yeah I know. I say this all the time and then disappear. (I say that too don't I? HAHA) I mean it this time though. I think the main reason I stopped was that I lost interest and had other things to take care of. Plus life was rather boring, or so I thought anyway. The same ole, same ole. I figured if it bored me, it'd bore you all too.

Well, now life isn't so blah and as I think back, maybe it never was all THAT boring, it just seemed like it. So, here goes. An update, a cutie to make you smile and maybe a life lesson along the way.

First.........don't tell anyone but I am actually living with a man who is not one of my children! For real! Not even kidding! I know, I know. I said many times that I wasn't sure I ever wanted to do that again, but I guess when you find the right guy you realize that maybe it's not so bad having to pick someone else's underwear up off the floor. Not that he leaves his underwear on the floor anyway mind you, but if he did, I'd pick 'em up. I call this progress! All kidding aside, he really is a great guy and I feel lucky to have someone who loves me as much as he does. The feeling is most definitely mutual!

Now with all that sappiness, let me hand ya some more! I do miss my Bratz! The youngest is with me of course. He's 16 and as much as I trust the other Bratz to look out for him, he still needs his Mom. Whether he knows it or not! Believe me, he's convinced he's fully grown. (rolling eyes). He's a great kid, don't get me wrong.......he's just your typical 16 year old boy. Nuff said! But it really has been a change not to see them every single day, even for just a few minutes.

JJ is always gone so I've kinda gotten used to that a little. I still eagerly await him to come home so I can see his pretty face but I don't get physically ill every time he flies out anymore. I even managed not to cry when he flew on 9-11 this year. I wanted to though! In the last few months, He's been to Guam, Hawaii, and Nevada. Nevada probably isn't as exciting as Guam and Hawaii, but he said it's really pretty there anyway. Guam and Hawaii turned out to be a culture shock of sorts for him. Not in a bad way, just a major difference from Texas. He brought me REAL Kona coffee, which was awesome and he brought some Coconut syrup from Guam that i have GOT to find more of somehow because it's flat out amazing! So if anyone knows where to get it, feel free to holler at me :)

D-Ray is doing great! His job just keeps getting better. He's being promoted again very soon and he and his fiancee are busy planning their wedding. I think it's still going to be in March but they are both so busy that I don't know how much they have managed to get done. Other than that, not much going on that matters there. Life is good!

Ash is now a member of the workforce. Other than my kids in general, I am most proud that I instilled in them a willingness to work for what they want rather than living off the government. She works at Wal-Mart in the toy section but I think she's being moved to Cashier because it pays more and she'll get more hours. She doesn't make a ton of money but what she does make, she earned and it's a good first job. I did have to laugh when she got her first check though. She was looking at her pay stub and was asking me about all the taxes taken out. I had explained this to her before but I guess it didn't click til she actually had to deal with it for herself! This time I put it in terms I knew she would understand. I said "Well, as a Patriot, you pay your taxes to your country so that it can be a better place, but unfortunately there are also a great deal of lazy and irresponsible people who use a lot (See that Renee...I still know how to spell it! ) of that money so they can sit at home and watch Jerry Springer. So you go to work, and you support them". Yes, I was being rather sarcastic, but I know there are people she deeply dislikes who do exactly this and raise their kids to do the same and that she would "get it", so I used what I knew she'd be able to relate to. Worked like a charm! I am here to tell you, my child came ALIVE! Right there in the Wal-Mart parking lot! She was literally yelling! People were staring. It was hilarious. Of course it didn't help that we were in our local redneck Wal-Mart and if they hear yelling of any sort, they have to see what the deal is. There was my child though, 21 years old yelling "you mean people like us support that skank????". It was one of the proudest moments of my life. Welcome to the Republican Party Ashley. (disclaimer: let me be clear, that neither she nor I object to people who genuinely need help, be it forever or temporary and we certainly don't begrudge a child being able to eat because their parents won't get off their ass and do something more. We just know many who abuse the system so that they can do what they want and not be inconvenienced by things like budgeting, being responsible or something called a J-O-B.)

So that's an update. I have a lot more to say, but you know what? I decided the 2 other subjects that I wanted to discuss deserve their own post. It's my blog, so I can do that. Stay tuned......


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