October 16, 2012

Something Old, Something New, Something Adorable!

So, I promised the other day that I had something cute to share. Since I probably made a few people cry, including myself earlier, I figure I owed it to my readers to show them the something cute too. A few something cutes to be precise.

See...."George" has a son the same age as JJ. George's son, who we'll call "BB" from now on has 3 munchkins and 2 step-munchkins. All of them incredibly cute and wonderful in their own right. I haven't gotten to know all the kids as much as I'd like to. BB works a great deal to take care of his family, as does his girlfriend and only has one day off a week right now. "George" would probably go see them more but he is not too fond of Houston traffic and stupid drivers. Sooooooo, til I find something more gas friendly and start going to kidnap kids, "George" keeps in contact by phone and I keep in contact by facebook lol.  It's not ideal, but it works.

So anyway, Like I said, BB has 3 kiddo's. 2 with his first wife and the 3rd with his girlfriend. His Girlfriend, who we will call "SuperA" from now on is a very sweet person and also has 2 kids, well 3, but I'm trying not to confuse people here. Together they have 5! Anyone who knows me, knows I am super excited about the idea of 5 kids! Lucky for me, they're all very easy to like and happen to be cute as anything too. So today, I'm sharing with my readers a pic of just one of my favorite little people. I'll share pics of the others as well later once I am sure that no one else objects. This little guy is the only one I have actually met as a baby, and he's not biologically my grandbaby, but I dare ya to tell me that to my face lol. I was there whe he was born, I watched over him while they gave him his first bath in the nursery with his daddy and Pawpaw and I adopted him. That's that.

He's almost 4 months old now and as precious as he can be. For safety's sake, I won't be giving his real name here. We're just going to call him Littlefoot. Not because he has little feet mind you, it's kinda like the 300 pound, 6'4" guys called Tiny. Baby got's some big feet! His name isn't important to his cuteness factor anyway :)
Beautiful from day one!
On his way to his first bath, being pushed by Daddy
Maybe I shoulda called him BF, Big Foot!
Modeling the Blanket I made especially for him

Absolutely precious!


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