November 17, 2012

Alternatives To Blue Thursday

I just made that up! I call it Blue because it's sad that families will not be able to have something so simple as time together due to corporate and shopper greed. You thought I was going to give up on this didn't you? Well, SURPRISE!!! I'm not. It's wrong and I am ashamed of all of you who participate. That probably doesn't bother you at all, and that's fine. I'm on the right side of this fight and I don't care what you feel or don't as the case may be.

So anyway, I mentioned it a few times but as part of this topic I want to remind you that my own daughter is going to have to leave us early after we have our Thanksgiving dinner and go to work for you people. In the toy section of Wal-Mart no less! When she first got the job, that was the very first thought that came to mind after "Yay, you got a job!". "You're going to LOVE the toy department at Christmas time!". Yeah, uh, something tells me that by the time Christmas is over she's going to be wanting to be sure that she waits a few more years to have kids lol. She already has problems with the idiots who send their kids to the toy department to get them out of their hair while they shop. They mess stuff up, bounce the balls, throw stuff, try to steal, all the things you can imagine that unsupervised kids might do. She's already fed up, but she has NO IDEA what she's really about to deal with. And Ya'll are going to make her start a day early! You realize that this is messing up my Grandkids schedule right? Think about that! Yes, I already took over being Ne-Ne to 5 awesome kiddo's but I am not opposed to more!

So anyway, she has to work Thursday and I'm already unhappy about that. Now I find out my sister has to work too! WTH! She's a MOM! Ugh! It makes me ill, it really does. On the upside, I sent her a present when I found out where she was going to be working so she can at least come home and drown her sorrows if not her aching feet and head. Now that I know she's working on Thanksgiving, maybe I should send her ANOTHER present. We'll see.

Now that I've complained some more, I would like to draw your attention to the Internet offerings that do not cause people to be trampled, hit or otherwise abused in your desire to get a great deal on something that probably won't be appreciated anyway. 

Many online retailers have great sales and offer free shipping. You don't even have to leave your house! Technically, on Thanksgiving you should probably be spending time with your family, not on the computer but's a better alternative to trampling people! I've been looking at the sales some are planning and in my research I ran across DealDash

In general, I don't like penny auctions because if you don't win, you literally lose. The money you spent is gone! Finito! Deal Dash isn't like that. it is a penny auction of sorts, but the money you spend on bids can be used towards the purchase of the actual product you were bidding on if you lose the auction bid. Yes, you have to buy the item at the retail price but it's still often cheaper than you'd find the item elsewhere. So if you like penny auctions, this might be a more fair option for you to explore. Just a thought!

So I am going to continue my "don't be selfish" campaign in order to promote family time and togetherness but I know that I am fighting a losing battle. Like I said, I'm okay with that since I am positive I am doing the right thing. Just please consider others while you are out shopping this holiday season. The season is about Love, kindness and the birth of a savior. Do your shopping with that in mind and act accordingly. If you aren't sure you can do that, check out DealDash or other online retailers. You won't trample anyone. You won't fight, physically anyway, over a toy and you'll not end up coming home wondering why you ever left the safety of your house to go out into that mad world of deal frenzied, manic minded shoppers.




I am one who doesn't shop online, I believe in the fact that I should be a good citizen and shop at the stores in town to keep them from closing their doors as so many have in the near past. I pay the sales tax to keep our roads and streets in good shape. Otherwise, just where would the local governments get enough revenue to keep the infrastructure up to par?!!

Nessa said...

Absolutely Miss Anni! That's today's topic in fact lol. We should all support our small business men and women.