November 5, 2012

Couponing For Our Hero's

In the last 3 months, In an effort to save money, I have become Coupon Queen! It was something that had to happen sooner or later. Middle income, a desire not to be on welfare and a family that likes to eat will eventually turn any half intelligent person to finding the best way to feed their family for the lowest price possible. 
In all honesty, when I first started this I sort of dreaded it. All the clipping, all the sorting, all the filing, all the taking it to the store and matching it up. It's a job in itself if you are even halfway serious about it. I literally have a 5" binder that I can barely close because it is so full of coupons! It's crazy, but I am ADDICTED to it now. I LOVE watching my grocery bill rise as all the items are rung up and then watching it fall again when the coupons start being scanned. It's a high I tell you! My favorite is when I get items completely free and I manage this quite often by getting the sale papers and comparing prices, then having Walmart match the prices of other stores.

The only downside to the whole thing is that I clip almost EVERY coupon! I have absolutely no loyalty to almost any brand. I buy what's on sale that I have a coupon for. Literally, the ONLY loyalty I have to a brand is for my hair product by Loreal. Simply because it beats the crap out of this Texas humidity and keeps it out of my hair so that I don't resemble Bozo. Period...........nothing else works like that stuff does. The only other brand loyalty I have is for Chips Ahoy. I'm sorry, but no other store bought cookie tastes like Chips Ahoy. Period. Other than that, all bets are off.

So, I clip all the coupons and if an amazing sale comes along on a product I might not normally buy, I will buy it anyway. If an amazing sale does NOT come up, I have a BUNCH of coupons left that I don't use. When I was just couponing here and there, this wasn't a big issue. Now that I have a ton of them it's an issue! A BIG one! Soooooooo, I decided to do something awesome with them! 
I've had the link here on my blog for a very long time to send expired or unwanted coupons to our troops and their families serving overseas. I even sent a few to them here and there but Now............well........I have more than they might ever use!

I sorted them out last night into 2 Ziploc bags. One for food, one for non-food, which you are asked to do but not required to and have them ready to go to the post office this morning. I don't even pretend to understand how it is that our military families can use expired coupons, so don't ask me. What I do know is that they can use them for up to 6 months after they are expired and I am more than happy to send them some. Even ones that aren't expired that I finally made myself realize that I will not ever use.  It was amazing at how easy my binder zipped last night, when for the last few weeks, I've almost had to sit on it to make it zip! It was also amazing how good it felt to do something for families who could use them and truly deserve the appreciation! So I plan to make this at least an every 2 week event. It doesn't cost that much to send them and it's the least anyone can do.

So please.............if you are a couponer or you get a Sunday paper and won't use the coupons yourself..........consider donating just a small amount of time to clipping some coupons and mailing them overseas to help our guys and gals. The costs of living are exorbitant for the families based overseas and anything we can do to ease their minds/wallets is a GOOD thing. They ease ours by being ready to defend our entire country, we surely have enough time to find a way to do something in return. Anything!

To find out how to send coupons please visit Grocery Savings Tips. All the information you could possibly need is there, including the addresses of bases currently accepting coupons and what you need to know to send them.

And now.........I'm off to clip MORE coupons and go get another binder for Littlefoot's Mommy. She's couponing now and since I got her into it, the least I can do is set her up a binder lol. God knows that between working and trying to care for kids she doesn't have time!


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