November 10, 2012

Dear Mr. Republican

As most people know, I'm not a real political person. Mostly because I'm a very jaded American when it comes to politics. For far too long we've been lied to and we allow the lying to continue by continuing to vote our beliefs rather than for the person claiming to represent them. I am not affiliated with any specific political party because of this. I basically vote based on the "lesser evil" approach. I admit it's not always the best way to go and it's definitely not easy to use this approach. Especially when I watch the debates and spend more time looking up what they say to see if it's true, false or "spun", than I do actually watching the debate. They say something that catches my interest, I open a google page and search it, By the end of the debate I might have 50 pages open. Like I said, "it's not easy".

Anyway, this morning I was listening to House Speaker Boehner, whom I call Mr. Bonehead, and I've come to the conclusion that he thinks Americans are complete idiots. Probably a fair assessment really since we act and vote like it. Anyway, he was talking about how we should not raise taxes on the very rich because they, out of the goodness of their little hearts, will create jobs. Now, let me say, I am NOT saying I am for raising taxes on the very rich or even the moderately rich. I am however most definitely for ALL Americans doing the best they can for their country regardless of their income bracket. So don't anyone get all snooty before you hear me out.

My position on this is that Mr. Bonehead wants us to believe that if we tax the rich higher than they are being taxed, there will be no new jobs. So apparently we are supposed to just trust the very rich to create jobs if they pay low taxes? Uh, how about no! I say, make them pay a certain FAIR percentage and AFTER they create the jobs IN AMERICA, and can prove they did so, THEN give them a tax break. A reward system is much more trustworthy to Americans than the honor system is. That clearly is not working. I'm just saying.... We've all seen the executives that get these massive bonuses for a job well done, even as the business is crumbling or needs to be saved by the American taxpayers. We've all literally seen and heard jobs being created overseas and not FOR Americans. 

Call your bank, phone company, tech support for your computer or pretty much anything else you can imagine and you'll know for sure you aren't speaking to an American who was hired due to the rich paying lower taxes. You'll find that the rich have shipped jobs overseas to take even further advantage of the low tax rates to make even more money by paying someone less to do the same job. This doesn't help America as a whole. In general this pisses Americans off because it is sooooooooo frustrating to try and talk to the people who answer the phone. A problem that could be solved in 5 minutes takes an hour because their accents are thick regardless of how well they speak and understand English. Longer if they have less command of the language.  This happens because the very rich want to keep their money, not give it away, even to an American blue collar worker who does their job well. So even if they do create jobs with their lower tax rates, it does not necessarily benefit any American other than themselves and their top executives.

So Mr. Bonehead.......stop with the scare tactics. As you can see from the election results, Americans overall didn't buy what you were selling. Think about what you are saying and work on a way to ensure that your buddies stay rich by actually having helped other Americans rather than taking advantage of them and sending their jobs overseas. I'm not saying you should be handing anything out for free, I'm saying you and your buddies need to invest in Americans in America and THEN tell us you want a tax break for doing it. I'm all for that! Don't tell us you can't create jobs if your taxes are raised while you're paying a worker in India $5 an hour with no benefits and raking in the profits. We're not stupid! Well, most of us aren't anyway and you can see we're wising up pretty fast. If we weren't, Romney would be our next President. Republicans are losing credibility quickly. If they weren't...........there's no way Obama would have been voted back in.

I've already admitted I voted for Romney and I gave my reasons for doing so. This isn't a rant from a Democrat about the mean old rich Republicans. This is a rant from a Mother who has taught her children not to lie, not to steal, not to be selfish and to keep their word when they give it and then having to explain to those same kids that Politicians do all the above because........well...........just because. Then I tell them one of the most important things they can do as an American is vote. Do you see the irony here yet? Probably not since you and your friends think it's okay to do all these things but as a Mother, I can tell you, that athletes who are caught using drugs have more credibility than most politicians I could name. In fact, sometimes I'd rather vote for some of those drugged up athletes than I would for most politicians because in general the athletes actually do what they say they're going to. Something you and friends have a difficult concept with.

I guess all in all, as long as we allow you to keep lying to us and keep voting you in so you can keep your rich friends happy that you'll keep doing as you've always done. I don't expect that politicians will ever change until Americans force them to do so by holding their feet to the fire and make them keep their promises. Unfortunately most voters, vote for the person who says what they want to hear even though the politician has no track record of ever doing what they said they would do or worse has a track record proving they do the exact opposite. Which brings us full circle to the beginning of this rant and makes me wonder.....

Who's the REAL problem? The lying politician or the American voter? No wonder other countries make fun of us........we keep voting you back in........::sigh::

Bottom line.........reach across the aisle and do your job.......some of us are watching! Closely!

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