November 7, 2012

Hail To The Chief, 4 More Years

Well, I am not sure if I am surprised or not. I really thought we were about to be stuck with Romney for 4 years. Since I voted for him, I suppose I should be sad, or hacked off and calling Democrats bad names, but honestly, in a small way I'm relieved. See............I didn't vote for Romney because I liked him or believed in him. Personally I think he's probably a nice man, but he creeps me the hell out! I do NOT like him! Period! The ONLY reason I voted for him is because I am sick and tired of the do-nothings in Washington getting a paycheck they simply haven't earned and don't deserve. My reasoning was that if they have a President they like, they might work with him and fix things. At least earn their paycheck. I have to say my logic on this one is faulty.........even *I* know that, because truthfully, these guys don't care about the little people. We're only on their radar for as long as the campaign speeches are made. As soon as they get into office they forget all about the voters and go straight to making sure their friends and lobbyists are happy little campers and they screw even more up for the rest of us. I'm talking about BOTH parties here too, not just one or the other.

Why do we put up with it? My theory is that people in general vote their beliefs without ever taking a good long look at WHO they are really voting for. My take on that is that just because they believe about the same things you do, does NOT mean they are fit to serve you! I know people who claim to be Christian just like me, but their soul is as black as an alley cat. They listen to almost nothing but Christian radio but their other actions are most definitely NOT Christian. They believe in the Ten Commandments, but they lie, cheat and steal with joy and abandon. They don't believe in abortions but they've had them. They don't believe in drugs, but they do them. See where I am going here? They SAY what they know others want to hear, but in practice they are not who they claim to be. So why would I vote for them? It doesn't matter what they matters what they DO! Just so we are clear here, I am not singling anyone out, I'm using examples of what *I* am against. Period. As I've said before, if you have a problem with what I write, trot your happy ass out the door. It's MY blog and I didn't force you to come read.

So here we are with Obama for another 4 years. I'm not wailing or gnashing my teeth over this. I figure it could be a lot worse. We could have someone like Quannell X for example or Hitler's 3rd cousin who believes he was a great guy. Not that I know if he has a 3rd cousin who thinks he's a great guy, it's just an example. Don't go blowing Google up trying to see who I mean. You get the point though. It could be worse! Obama might not be the brightest crayon in the bucket sometimes but overall I do not believe that he is evil, communistic or has an agenda that has anything to do with making all of us become Muslims. I really don't. I think he's done and said really stupid stuff, because he's HUMAN, that the Republicans have jumped on and twisted to suit their own beliefs because they hate him. Not because he's half black..........but because he's a Democrat and that's what Republicans do. They hate Democrats and the Democrats hate them too. THAT'S that biggest issue! The hatred between the 2 parties trickles down and divides the rest of us.

I don't believe that this circus is what our Founding Father's intended politics to be. They wanted men to run who truly wanted better for their COUNTRY, not their friends! They wanted men who sincerely wanted to do the right thing for AMERICA, not for themselves. I can't imagine how angry they must be that all their hard work and sacrifice came to this. It's really quite shameful and sometimes pretty damned embarrassing.

Hopefully, last night taught some of the Republicans a lesson. They HAVE to work with the Democrats, because they get a paycheck to do so! And Vice Versa! If they don't want to earn that paycheck, they should resign right now and be done with it. Already this morning I was listening to a moron from right here in Texas talking about how he "Is not going to work with Obama, he's going to work against him every step of the way" and people were cheering! Well hello dumb ass, he just got elected for a second term and this is your first. If you don't earn your paycheck from the taxpayers, it could very well be your ONLY term! So tell me how being a childish idiot works out for you! You don't change laws by refusing to participate. You change them by interacting and doing the best possible thing you can to help those who took the time to vote for you. I know this is shocking and you probably think it sounds crazy, but for real, you aren't there for YOU, you are there because people PUT you there for THEM! Don't let them down! This goes for ALL of you! Do something to earn ALL Americans respect and you'll never have to worry about being challenged or called out. Another shocking idea I know, but just try it. You might find that you actually LIKE your voters appreciation rather than their hatred. Just see how it goes......

Anyway, I'm stepping off the stump now. I'm resigned to the facts and the future for at least the next 4 years and I'm willing to be grown up enough to see what Obama has learned from this election and how he will put how we feel into play. I hope he really did listen!


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