November 4, 2012

Holy Editing Nightmares!

I know it's been a few years since I changed my blog theme and truthfully I had no real plans to change it further.....until I broke it. I still have no clue how I managed to break the stupid code, my best guess is that Littlefoot was just too darn cute for the internet and it exploded. It happened after I posted his pictures so I'm thinking this is entirely possible! 

So anyway, I decided to finally get it done today and I knew it would take a couple hours tops. I knew NOTHING! It took all freakin day! Why? Well, because Blogger wants to make me crazy and won't let me remove gadgets that I not only don't want, but never added in the first place! I hate the new blogger! The old layout designer was so much easier and it wasn't broken so I don't know why they fixed it! UGh!

So after changing the design approximately 7, no 8, times, I am THROUGH! Hear me? Done, finito, Sayonara and all that crap. What you see will be the design forever unless someone else does it for me and since I don't know anyone who does those things, you're probably stuck dear readers. It could be worse though. I had considered a template at one point of a dog farting simply because it had absolutely no labels on it at all and would have ended this whole designing nightmare. Unfortunately for my sanity, I could not make myself actually have a farting dog on my blog. just wasn't happening. So Now I shall go rock in a corner for the night trying to move beyond the hell I've endured today and tomorrow I have big plans for nicer, gentler post. Hopefully by then my hair will not resemble Einstein's and my eyes won't feel like they were being invaded by a sandstorm......



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