November 7, 2012

Information Is Key To Everything!

In this day and age, people are obsessed with how they look. That's just a fact. There's nothing wrong with that either except that sometimes people have unreasonable expectations about how they THINK they should look.

Lets face it.........we aren't all magazine cover models. We aren't supposed to be! We are supposed to be healthy, goodhearted and loving to our neighbor and God's creatures. Period. That's what we are SUPPOSED to be the most concerned with. Unfortunately, family genes, bad habits and other various factors can cause us to lose focus on the important things and become obsessed with how we look.

In some cases, taking responsibility and doing something about it can fix the problem. With some things, well, you have no choice. If you have Aunt Snooty's nose that looks like someone set a ball on the end of it, you can thank your family genes. For others, you do have a choice! If you weigh 300 pounds and you think "cutting down" from 2 boxes of Twinkies to 1 is taking some responsibility, you're lying to yourself. 1 box is just as bad as 2. Either tell yourself the truth and face the fact that you are a slave to your eating habits or make a true change! STEP AWAY FROM THE TWINKIES! Either, can't have both.

Now if you've REALLY tried and just cannot do it on your own, there is help. You can get a Lap Band or Gastric Bypass but how much do you know about it? It sounds like a great idea right? A doctor can do something magical, the weight will pour off and you can eat anything you want from now on! Sounds good in theory right? Except, that's not exactly how it goes. It's not's surgery! Before you consider taking a surgical route, you should REALLY research what you think you want done! My Surgery MD is a great website to do exactly that! They give you all the information you need to make an informed choice on the path you are considering taking. From Fee's, risks, surgical information, what the surgery will truly do for you, all the way down to what responsibilities you will carry once you have it done, has it all.

In all honesty, I am not a fan of any type of cosmetic surgery. I believe God has made us as we are and he doesn't make mistakes, but if someone is really miserable, I understand how they can want to do something about it. Especially when it comes to weight loss! I know some of you have tried just about everything on the market and nothing worked. Surprise!! Nothing will unless you take other measures to help yourself. For some people, I concede that something like Lap Banding is all that is going to save their life. For the sake of their kids and their family, I consider this lazy, but absolutely better than nothing. I know several people who have had it done. some with great results and some who were absolutely miserable afterwards. Most of the miserable ones lost the weight but not the eating habits that got them in trouble in the first place so they have tummy troubles and they get depressed because they can't handle the junk anymore. Remember when I said it wasn't magic? It makes your stomach smaller, it does not make you smarter!

Now I am in NO WAY trying to be discouraging to anyone who might feel they need some help. Do something.........ANYTHING to help yourself. Just do it the smart way! Be informed! Visit and find out what you need to know so that you can be a smarter, healthier you!


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