November 14, 2012

Our New Tree!

As I mentioned last week, we are trying to plant new tree's on the property, both for function as well as beauty. We are still in the planning phases of all what all we want to plant, but we also figure there's no time like the present to get started. So, guided by a really sweet woman who sells plants and tree's at the local flea market, we bought a Mandarin Orange tree this past Sunday. It's only about 3' tall at the most right now but already has fruit on it so it's a good healthy little tree.

The main issue right now other than what we want to plant is that we have to get rid of some of the less useful tree's that are currently on the property. Things like Chinese Tallow and Sweetgum tree's which really offer nothing to the yard and actually cause problems will be the first to go. Of course, they have to be in the most difficult places possible though as far as removal goes, because why should it be easy right? The Tallow tree's may not be too difficult, but the Sweetgums are going to require us to invest in some arborist supplies in order to cut them down without anything falling on the house or barn. They're pretty tall! George is probably going to have to at least have tree spikes so that he can climb up and top some of the tree out for safety's sake.

The main reason we have to take some of the tree's out other than them not being useful is that they are taking up prime "functional tree" space and actually shade some of the apple tree's so that they are not growing as much as they should. That's not good for our plan at all.

Luckily there aren't THAT many tree's we have to get rid of and it shouldn't take too long to get it done, just a little hard work involved. I'm up for hard work.......especially when the result is the grand kids getting to come over and get fresh fruit right off the tree almost year round. 


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