November 8, 2012

Planting For The Future

I've long wished for a yard that is not only pretty, but also functional. Functional as in, things like fruit tree's or appropriate shade tree's. Unfortunately, I've almost always lived in rent houses and there was just no point in trying to plant things like that. Now that I live with George, I have the ability to fulfill this dream. We have lots of land on which to plant fruit tree's and luckily for me, this is something he is interested in doing as well. 

The hardest part of this dream other than having the land is to decide where to plant the different types of tree's we want to plant. Some need full sun, some don't. Some would fare better if blocked from the North wind during the colder months. There are all kinds of factors that have to be taken into consideration if we expect to see good results later.

Another concern though is that we like to spend time outside just enjoying the greenery as we call it. Just looking at the tree's, the sky, the grass........all of it just helps us unwind. We talk about all kinds of things as we sit on the glider, rocking back and forth, soaking up nature. It's amazing how peaceful it can be and how it just feels good to be out there enjoying what God created.

Our current "thinking spot" though needs a little help. Just on the other side of the fence line is a piece of property that we do not own and lets just say the weeds over there are taller than either of us. George is 6'2" so that should tell you something! We can't do much to improve that particular view except put up a privacy fence, which then of course limits what we can see while we're trying to unwind. So, I want to create a nice area for us to sit. 

We've thought about a Koi Pond and other such things but again, there are many factors that go into where something can be put so that it will flourish. Since neither of us have landscaping degree's I looked online to find some ideas and I found some great ones! One website that helped me was  One of my concerns was that I didn't want to plant tree's in our "thinking spot" and then have to haul water to the tree's since the water hose doesn't reach. They reminded me that we could simply set up an irrigation system quite easily and that would eliminate the need to haul anything. Personally, I wish I could just hire them to come do it for me, but since they're quite a drive from me, I guess I'll just have to do it myself.

Oh least I got some good ideas! Now to just decide what to plant and where!


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