November 13, 2012

Texas Secedes?

You know, I'm jussssst about tired of all the political crap. The election is FINALLY over and I wake up this morning to see the news reporting that Texas and some other states want to secede from the United States. Not that I didn't already know about factions of people who wanted this anyway, I did, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. In one way, I get it. In another way, I feel that there is a better solution than wasting time on a mostly symbolic effort. I mean want to secede.......and then who would be "President of our Republic?" Rick Perry? Haha, pardon me while I barf! He's literally no better than Obama.

Let's see, Ummmmmmm Oh I know. If voting followed the current trend it would probably be Quanell X or Sheila Jackson Lee. How would that work out for proponents of this idea I wonder? According to Quanell, Blacks only vote for blacks, don't yell at me, I'm just going along with that idiot for sake of argument, not because I actually believe it as an overall truth. According to the media, Romney lost due to the Hispanic vote going to Obama. I'm guessing that in an election for the Republic of Texas, the vote would go much the same way since Republicans apparently can't "connect" with Hispanic voters. So, assuming everything goes the way the last election did, we'll have a President Jackson-Lee or President X. Thrilling!! Not! Worse, they'd run together and we'd be run by 2 racists rather than one! Superb Idea! 

Ok, so lets leave elections out of this because that's just too scary! The rest of this idea assumes that the United States says "Oh Okay, sure, go ahead and you can keep the Air Force bases we built, The army base and all the equipment on them as well as the Johnson Space Center and anything else paid for by American taxpayers".Uhhh.......Yeah......probably not. Something tells me it goes more like this "Politicians in the White House, Senate and every other branch rolling on the floor laughing so hard they can't breathe wondering wtf Texans are smoking lately". Yeah, that's closer to how this goes....

Even if they did allow a peaceful withdrawal, think about this....the federal government gives tax breaks, MAJOR ones to big business. Who says they WANT to see what Texas has to offer? By having more tax dollars coming in the Feds can afford to offer better tax breaks than Texas could. So if Industry leaves us for better breaks, where are we then? And don't say it won't absolutely WOULD. Businessmen spout a lot of ideals but ultimately they're going to go where their pocketbook gets the most benefit. Ideals.......well they're great in good times, but easily forgotten in the bad. History supports this.

So what's the point in this idea? Obama already knows we're pissed off. Like other politicians, he knows that we run our mouth and scream "oppression" but we'll keep voting just like always. I'm not saying we as Americans shouldn't be angry enough to WANT to secede. We SHOULD but as Americans is the answer really to threaten to take our toys and go home? I don't believe so. I admit I don't know what the best answer is but I do know that I LOVE my Country and I'm not going to leave it over a stupid election not going my way. 

I think the answer might be to start in my own State and encourage other states to do the same. People who feel like I do should find someone who truly wants something good for our state. Someone that will REALLY represent their people in the various branches of the government,. It's time to stop voting for who the politicians elect to run and choose our own candidate as our Founding Father's intended. It's time to stop following the status quo and shake things up so that politicians realize that the voters are in charge again and they have no choice but to do what WE want rather than what their friends want. It's time to step in and tell them all that partisan BS is just that and to get over themselves. After all, we aren't just paying these bozo's to do a job right now.......we're paying them for LIFE and buddy believe me, they're screwing us blind without a care in the world and not a drop of lube. We're told to like it til election time and then it's "oops, I'll do better the next time! I thought you WANTED me to do that stuff for my friends! My Bad!" And what do we do? We say "Oh okay, they know better now and they won't do it again." We're starting to look like fools people and it's pretty damned embarrassing.

All in all, I am NOT saying this is a bad idea, I just honestly feel it's a waste of time and it would absolutely be detrimental to my Country and my State if it succeeded. I guess we'll see what happens but ultimately I feel there are better ways to spend our time and better ways to get what we deserve from our government. No matter how much I dislike my government, I will NEVER pick up arms and hurt another American and I'm sincerely ashamed that some have suggested they would. Apparently for some, the Civil War, which is a ridiculous name for a war in which brothers were killing brothers, was not the lesson learned that it should have been.Just my opinion and one that is respectful of other's right to feel differently. 


The Painted Veil said...

I am a native born Texan and I couldn't have said it better sister!!

Nessa said...

Thank you! I meant every word! Now, where is your blog again? I've missed reading your musings :) Now that I am getting back into blogging again it seems that most of my bloggy friends have quit lol