November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Creep

I don't get why it is called Thanksgiving Creep if it's Thanksgiving that's being shoved aside and Christmas is the one creeping up. That doesn't really make sense to me, but whatever. It's definitely not the only thing I don't get so we'll just chalk it up to the "whatever" column of my life.

Well, after I bitch complain about it! Here's the thing.........I actually like Thanksgiving! I like the thankfulness it brings to mind. I like that it's another holiday when people actually try to remember others that aren't as fortunate as they are and help them. This is a Good Thing! This whole Thanksgivemas crap is ridiculous! Don't get me wrong.........i LOVE me some Christmas, but damn! 25 days of it is just fine with me! I am not even kind of ready to walk into Wal-Mart today and here "Jingle Bells". Maybe we need to get together and write songs for Thanksgiving to be played instead. Something like "Here Comes Pocahontas, right down starving Pilgrim Lane" could be a hit! ( Yes I realize there's a time difference there, it's just a suggestion. Don't get your panties in a wad! ) Point is, that as much as I love Christmas, there's a line that shouldn't be crossed and that line is Thanksgiving! 

As much as it irritates me, I admit that I feel the worst for retail employees who are now losing their holiday time to corporate greed. I heard one of the CEO's of one of the mass market retailers yesterday saying "our Customers said they wanted Black Friday to start early, so it is!". To that I say "Hey Genius??? Your customers don't run the store, and neither do you, the employee's your trampling on do!" I couldn't believe the moron actually said this in response to the online petition asking corporations to give a crap about their employees and the family time they should be allowed! Who cares what the customers want? Do you like the money you make? Do you stand at the register taking it? Are you in the aisles cleaning up the mess? Are you the person unlocking the doors for the would be tramplers? NO! You're at home on Thanksgiving with your family spending time with children you wish you could see more often! THAT'S where you are! So how dare you act like this is just a necessary evil and you can't help it!'re no better! So don't sit there fist pumping going "yeah!". You're PART of the reason that these people will not be with their families. You're the idiot who can't wait ONE night to run over others and fight for presents that will probably never be used, will get thrown away or re-gifted next year. Your need for shopping is NOT more important than another family's desire to simply spend time with their family without checking the clock to see if it's time to leave for work yet. It's shameful and you should feel like a sack of crap. I hope Santa gives you one in fact because it's the MOST you deserve for putting your desire to shop over a family who just wants to spend time together.

I personally will not shop on Thursday evening or on Friday either! It's the principle of the thing! The retailers don't care about their customers, they care about taking advantage of your greed for their own greed's sake. Period. That's what you are to them. You're a sales figure and nothing more! If they TRULY cared about their customers they wouldn't buy everything being made in China and they'd lower their prices. That's what Customers really want Mr. CEO. ALL customers want a good price for something that isn't going to fall apart tomorrow. How soon will you get on that? I look forward to hearing your response. Oh wait, we've asked for that for YEARS and we're still asking so I guess that IS your response huh? Figures!

I've decided I am going to start a campaign. To blacklist wal-mart, target and K-mart and any other retailer forcing their employees to miss Thanksgiving for their own greed and encourage shopping ONLY at retailers who actually care about their employees and the family time they seldom get. Not that I think that it will do any good. I know I'm outnumbered by idiots who care only about themselves but it can't hurt to try. If it weren't illegal I'd stand outside the doors and trip all of you on your selfish faces since my own daughter will be one of those that has to work because of you.

Believe it or not, Christmas is not about presents or spending yourself poor in order to impress children or other family members. It's about Jesus' birth. It's about God loving his people so much that he sent us a savior. Get that? He cared more for someone else than he did himself! He knew what he was doing and he knew the end result. He still did it and it gained him nothing. It gained us everything! So as you trample innocent workers and fight for toys, think about what the holiday is really about. Maybe take the time to stop and talk to one of those employee's you're forcing to work and say "Thank You for giving up your holiday for my selfishness". For those of you who don't believe in Christmas but think you shouldn't be inconvenienced by a're just as bad. I don't denigrate your holidays, nor do I resent them. Your religion or lack thereof is not more important than mine. A little respect, like that I give to you would be appreciated. Feel free to try thinking of others once in awhile. Just a thought.


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