November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving For My Family ....

For the last few days I have listened to George gripe about Thanksgiving and what it has become over the years versus what it is supposed to be about. I have to admit that George gripes a lot, about a lot of things and there are times that as much as I love him, I tune him out. ( He knows this, I was honest about it lol ) It's not that I don't care how he feels about a certain topic. I absolutely do. About ALL topics! A relationship is made up of TWO people and it's important to consider each other's feelings on every topic, big or small. So, the first few times he bitched incessantly happened to gripe about something, I listened. The next few hundred times he griped, I tuned it out. Just in case, I listened for key words like "I changed my mind", "I was wrong" or "Well maybe they aren't complete idiots after all", in the midst of the rant but beyond that I pretty much continued whatever I was doing. Sorry George, I love and respect you, but I heard it already. Sometimes I think I'll be glad when we're old and senile and can't remember stuff, because then it will all be new again! Old age does have it's rewards! 

Anyway, in this particular case, he happens to be right. Thanksgiving has literally become about gorging on unhealthy amounts of food. There's no deeper meaning for many people! That stinks! There should be more to it than just devouring food and needing to find bigger pants afterward.

I don't profess to know exactly how to fix this, even in my own family, but I will. Just watch! What I would like to do is start a new tradition that celebrates the meaning behind the Holiday as well as family togetherness. I'm open to ideas, so let em rip! I'd love to hear what my readers do to make the holiday special and NOT just about food.

Facebook friends, please consider commenting on this post rather than on facebook, so that if some of my readers would also like suggestions but are not on my facebook, they will be able to see them too.

I'm also going to do some searching on Google later to see what ideas I can find there and I will post them here in the coming days.


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