November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving....It's Almost Here!

....and for once I am pretty much ready for it! I have couponing to thank for that too! Well, I also give a great deal of credit to too. I swear she has the BEST coupon site available anywhere and best of all it's FREE! Yes, FREE! I've learned so much from her site and it has benefited my family in ways you just can't imagine. I have literally gone from "Needing to shop weekly" to "shopping only for the sales" because I have stocked up on so much. About all I ever have to buy is milk and coffee. I highly recommend anyone wanting to start couponing to go to her site and watch the tutorials. Superb information! And so we are clear, this is not a paid advertisement or anything, this is simply a recommendation sponsored by me and me only.

Anyway, so Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and I've started making a list of what I'm making and the ingredients I might need to look for before then. Things like fresh cranberries and other oddball stuff I wouldn't normally buy. This year though, I think I want to make some new stuff. I don't know why really, but I'm just feeling a little stifled with all of the same ole, same ole. I'm not talking about drastic changes. Just a few dishes.

I have to make my Aunt Terry's broccoli cheese casserole. I have to make Aunt Carol's Fudge Pecan Pie and my Granny's Waldorf Salad, but I might look for a new recipe for sweet potato casserole. Something that in general only *I* eat. I also want to find a good recipe for 7-Up salad for George. he loves the stuff and so far every year that I have tried to make it for him it was runny and disgusting. So if anyone has any foolproof recipes for that let me know. I hate failing when I try to make something he likes lol. Especially since he seldom asks for anything special. Guess, I'll check out my favorite recipe sites and see what they have to offer but I'm open to suggestions if any of you have some to offer. 

What about y'all? Are you ready for the holidays or do you feel like it snuck up on you too?


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