November 18, 2012

The BEST Alternative to Blue Thursday!

 Miss Anni from Hootin Anni, (stop by and see her), reminded me yesterday that the very best alternative for our Christmas shopping, is not online. There is a wonderful way to shop that actually helps you right where you live! Literally! Small Businesses have sales too! They aren't necessarily door busters or 99% off but you do get a long term benefit when you buy there. It's not extra cash in your pocket, it's called tax dollars and income that also goes back into the roads, schools and all the local public services you enjoy.

See, places like Walmart have their benefits to the community. They give jobs to people who need them. We won't get into the fact that they take advantage of those same workers and treat them badly, we'll just be thankful for the jobs they offer for this post. They do help the community too with special projects and they allow firefighters, girl scouts and other non profit groups to beg us for money as we walk in the door and they do their own drives where they give back to the community as well. I don't often say anything nice about Walmart, because...I see them as a necessary evil where I live, but I give credit where it's due. They're crappy overall, but they have their good points! That's all I'm sayin'.

Small businesses on the other hand, don't hire half the town. They either can't, or it's not necessary in order for the business to run. So they might give a few jobs to some locals but overall, they're not keeping the town fed and clothed. What they ARE doing however is helping to keep your money where it will benefit you most. When you go to a small business, they are usually kind, they THANK YOU for coming by whether you buy anything that trip or not. They TRULY APPRECIATE your business. Have you ever gotten a card from any of the Walton's? A genuine "Thank You" from a Walmart employee? I'm just sayin'......there's a real difference in how business is done between the two.

So the small businesses are generally friendlier and your money stays in the town where you live. Places like Walmart, Kmart and Target have literally put many small businesses out of well,! They can't compete with the prices! They smaller shops do not have the same buying power! That's not necessarily a bad thing though! People seem to forget that in those mass market retailers you get so much from China and it's not made well. The price SEEMS great, but is it?  I don't know about you but I want my money's worth! I can go to walmart and buy a wood swing with a canopy for 189.00 and if I am lucky, the workers in china who had their hands on my swing while it was in production, did a good job and it will last at least a year. OR, I can go down to the corner of 242 and 1485 and get an awesome, definitely well built, lasts forever, hollowed from a cedar tree and shellacked to a beautiful shine, swing for about the same price. Maybe a little more, but an extra $20 for something I KNOW will last and will help a "neighbor" is worth it! Darn it, I think I just talked myself into going to buy a swing! Shhhhhhhh, don't tell George!

Anyway, that's just an example but you get the point. I used a REALLY small business for illustration but think about where you live. Do you have a grocery store that is not affiliated with a massive chain? Consider buying your Thanksgiving fixin's there this week! All around our courthouse we have small shops that offer anything from Business card printing to resale shops, to dry cleaners and much. much more. I can guarantee you with a great deal of certainty that in those businesses, if I shopped On Friday, I wouldn't get trampled.  I wouldn't be assaulted for an item someone else wants and no one will be camping in front of it days before. (That's one of the most moronic things I have ever seen by the way! Ugh!)

Don't let this be your local small business owners!
And, if all that wasn't enough to convince you..........I am positive that ALL my local small business persons have given their employee's the entire day off for Thanksgiving and probably Friday too for time to recuperate. So their employee's will be well rested, happy and ready to help you find an awesome gift that someone might REALLY like to have that will last! I see no downside here! Yes, you might have to wait a day, maybe 2, but seriously........are you really looking forward to the shopping season the way it goes right now? If not, just slow down, give your spending a break, take time with your family and then go support a business that will REALLY appreciate your purchase. 

Oh and MANY towns have "Small Business Saturday" which features the locals and you really can get a great deal during those sales! There are just so many benefits! Check them out!


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