December 28, 2012

Back To The Regularly Scheduled Program

Today's schedule was not supposed to include my new fascination with larp weapons. Today's schedule was going to be about couponing and a new app I've discovered.

As you know I started learning to coupon several months ago. So far I'm still not likely to be featured on "Extreme Couponing" any time soon, but I'm pretty proud of my savings since I have started. Typically, I save between $50 to $100 or more per week when I shop and that figure is just the coupons. There's more savings if you count in the price matching skills I have honed to fine degree!

So let me tell you about some of yesterdays big buys!
Walmart had Stove Top stuffing mixes on sales for 50 cents each. I had a coupon for $1.00 off every 2 boxes. Translated........this heifer got 18 boxes of absolutely free stuffing. They're good for at least a year and they will definitely be used. I was thrilled!

My other big score yesterday was on soda's. Here's how that went.
Kroger had Coke and Dr. Pepper Products on sale for 4 for $11.
Walmart sells them for 4.28 each. Yes....EACH!
I had Walmart price match with Kroger which reduced each 12 pack to $2.75 for a total of $11.00. Saving me a total of  $6.12 off the normal Walmart prices.
But THEN, I had a coupon for $1.00 off each Dr. Pepper Product and a $1.00 off Coupon for Sprite as well. Which gave me ANOTHER $4 off. Which brought my total for those drinks to just $7 for all 4. Excited with me yet? But wait...........don't answer yet! Let me tell you about Ibotta.

I had signed up with Ibotta the week before I was going to go shopping. I selected the products they offered me that were interesting and when I bought groceries I made sure to pick up those items as well. Some of those items happened to be Coke Zero and Sprite. For buying Sprite, I got back $1.50 into my Paypal account. I'll explain that part here in a sec, just stay with me. So by buying that Sprite, i ended up paying just $5.50 for all 4 boxes of drinks! Making them $1.37 per 12 pack! You can barely buy ONE soda for that much less 12! See why I love couponing? I saved more than half!

Now lets talk about Ibotta! Couponers and anyone who just wants to save or make a few bucks will love this app! It is so awesome, easy to use and has great support! It's currently available for iphone and android smart phones. What does it do? Well, let me explain. You download the app and sign up, making sure to use your paypal address as your email address so they know where to send your money. After signing up, offers will load on your screen. You can sort them by type or just view them all. They offers all show pictures of the items so you will know what it is without having to read the details. Each item has several ways to increase the amount you earn when you buy them. For instance, you might do a one question survey, watch a very short video, post something to facebook, etc. Each action has a value assigned to it. All actions take less than a few seconds to complete. The more actions you do, the more you will get back when you buy the product! It's super simple!

After you choose the offers you are interested in, you go shopping. Buy the items offered ( I match mine with coupons I have), and when you get home, take a picture of your receipt and scan the barcodes and submit it to Ibotta! Within 24-48 hours, your receipt will be reviewed and you will get an email letting you know that you have made money! This is even easier than clipping coupons and it's absolutely free to use. Just buy things you'd normally buy and get cash back for it. Super right?

PLUS....Ibotta has a promotion going right now. Click on MY link and when you redeem an offer, you get an extra $5 for being referred by me and I get $1 for referring you. Bonus cash on top of bonus cash! Then YOU refer your friends from YOUR link and they get the same deal and so do you. They get $5, you get $1.

Just so we're clear....ibotta didn't ask me to post anything, they didn't pay me to tell you about the app. I downloaded it, I used it and I love it! Period. No strings! If you have a smart phone, a paypal account and you buy groceries, you should be using Ibotta. You don't have to be a coupon queen to love getting cash back, just a smart shopper!

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