December 28, 2012

I Learn The Darnedest Things!

Since I started blogging several years ago, I have learned things I have to believe I never would have otherwise. Not necessarily because I didn't want to, but because it hadn't occurred to me to learn them. Even with the Internet allowing us to look up pretty much anything and everything, the scope of things we look up or think to learn about are in general related to something we already know. It's usually not until something or someone else puts an idea, thought, question or image into our heads that we think to educate ourselves on something normally beyond our scope of interests.

For instance, my friend, fellow blogger and local author, Rene, taught me that alot is not a word. it is spelled a lot! I've spelled it that way, as alot, my whole life. Scary since I am a former spelling bee champion lol. It never occurred to me that I was spelling it wrong and I would have continued to spell it incorrectly probably til I died. Not that it would have been a big deal, but it stuck with me and I even looked it up to make sure she was right. Duh! Of course she was. I have to admit that Google Chrome always underlined it as a spelling error but they are also convinced that Facebook isn't a word either unless it's capitalized so....... I'm just sayin.

Anyway, you get the point. It's a small thing and not life shattering but what else do we NOT think to ask about? What brought this up you ask? Well, I will tell you!

 I love re-enactment scenario's. Like going to old west type towns and seeing the "gunfights" and going to civil war battle re-enactments. I suppose I always knew that the actors using the swords, bayonets, etc weren't using REAL weapons, but I wondered how they made them look so realistic and still managed not to truly hurt anyone. Today I got my answer. Well at least one of them anyway.

Apparently larp weapons also known as Live Action Role Playing weapons can be made out of latex, carbon fiber and other materials.Who knew? Well, clearly some people did, like people who actually use larp weapons and the companies who make them, but even after seeing the role play battles, etc, I never thought to see how to get such a weapon or what they are made of. Ever. Probably never would have and now, at least for this week or til something else fascinating comes along, I'm enthralled!

They look so REAL! How the heck can they be latex? I keep thinking of doctors gloves and my dishwashing  gloves. They're latex as well! Such a remarkable difference in what a product can do and become. It can be used to wash dishes OR make an awesome looking weapon. I'd rather have the weapon any day personally. Mostly because I hate dishes to be honest but I also really like the whole Medieval, Knight Templar ages of our history and the beautiful weaponry they used.

I mean really, which would you prefer to look at?

or this?

Yep, I'll take the latter, every time. I mean I'm sure the latex gloves are nice, but the sword is much prettier and doesn't signify household chores or uncomfortable doctors visits.

Now I do admit that I don't have as much USE for larp swords as I do latex gloves, but that's hardly the point. The point is the beauty and functionality of the product. Gloves just keep your hands dry or protected from germs, etc, the latex sword makes for a wonderful example of the worksmanship of the past plus the realistic look for fans of or participants of any role playing group. Almost makes me want to look those up and find one near me just so I have an excuse to buy the Templar sword above.

or this one.....

Or maybe even these......have you seen some of those Twilight fans lately? I'm just sayin....

So there you go..........I learned something today. Latex is awesome, at least as far as it's remarkable diversity and larp weapons are cool!


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