December 19, 2012

Santa Does Exist! He's Busted In Fact!

So here I sat today, trying to work, trying to get a few reviews done and manage to make a grocery list too and what did I see? I look up and right here in my living room stands Santa! Big as life! So what was I to do but ask the fat man about a few munchkins I know and where they ranked on the Naughty or Nice list? he showed me, I gotta say i really thought that book was bigger, but maybe there's some magic to it. Anyway, I was surprised at the answer and frankly I think the man isn't paying as close attention as he should be, but hey.....he's Santa and I'm not arguing with him. I'm still trying to get off the Naughty list after all.

I can't wait for my nieces and nephews and the grandkids to get home and see that I caught Santa right here in my own house! I'll be their hero for a long time to come! Here he is, right in my living room! There is no better proof!
Wonder which side your name is on? I know....and I'm not telling hehe
and look who was snooping around outside!

Now Santa told me that there are quite a few kids out there nowadays that just don't believe in him anymore and he was pretty shook up about it. He said it just ruins the whole Christmas season for him when he hears a child say that there isn't a Santa or that reindeer can't fly. I told him that if he let more parents take pictures of him right here in our very own houses or in our yard that it might help! The only problem is that Santa can't take the time to pose in every house for every parent because it's just not practical. he's got to go about his job and get it done as quick as possible. He only has the one night after all.

We both thought about it and then Santa smiled very big and said,"Wait, I know just how to do it!". He said to check out icaughtsanta and to let them share the picture i took of him. He said if all the parents who manage to catch him share their pictures there then maybe the children of the world will see that there really is a Santa and maybe the Christmas season will be brighter than ever before! He also mentioned something about 2 ipads being given away there just for either sharing a picture of him being caught or for entering the free contest. I haven't done that yet, but i will! Who doesn't want to win an Ipad? For Free?? Cha-Ching!

Worried you will sleep soundly and not catch him? Well I have a really special surprise for you people too! The first 5 people to post "I want to catch Santa too!" on my Nessa's Place Facebook page will get a free code to create their own icaughtsanta picture too! Hurry, there are only 5 winners and you'll want to get on this right away! If you miss it, that's ok, you can still visit icaughtsanta and they are giving my readers a special price of $7.50 instead of the regular 9.99 price. Busting Santa AND a discount..........BONUS!

PS..........Santa..........uhhhhhh, sorry about the whole fat man look great! Like you lost at least 20 pounds since last time I saw you at the mall. For real! And about that whole "rip their heads off" thing.......that was just a saying. I didn't MEAN it.

PSS.......Please take a few extra minutes before your rounds this year and say a prayer for the parents of the children killed last Friday. I know you know who they are.......just ask God to give them the greatest blessing he possibly can at this, serenity and memories of only the good times, even if it's only for a little while. While you're at it, ask the man upstairs to remind us all what a blessing all children are and to never take a moment with a loved one for granted.


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