December 3, 2012

The Great Christmas Caper!

I'm telling you, you simply HAVE to get this game if you are going to have a Holiday party or even just a family get together over the holidays! This is sooooooo much fun and it brings "family game night" to a whole new level! No sitting around a table playing a board game. The Great Christmas Caper Scavenger Hunt requires moving around, acting silly, a great deal of laughing and a whole bunch of general silliness!

The idea here is that Santa has been kidnapped! And it's an inside job! Your job is to save him from the dastardly elf who has taken him by solving the crime. Much like the game Clue, but with a Christmas theme, you must figure out which elf did it, what weapon they used to accomplish the kidnapping and where poor Santa is being held! Unlike Clue, there is no board. You must search for the clues rather than rolling a die to get to a certain place to make a guess. I love the fact that everyone has to get off their booties to play this! 

The game can be played as teams or as individuals, whichever you prefer. I found that teams worked a little better for larger groups. Plus the Uh-OHH cards are a lot funnier if you make the whole team perform the actions on the card rather than just one person! Uh-OHH Cards are cards that are meant to distract the player/team from rescuing Santa or slow them down in their search. For instance, a player or team might have to walk like a Nutcracker soldier or you might have to walk as if you stepped in super sticky taffy moving verrrrrrrrrrry slow! You might even have to sing til someone gives you or you find yourself a respite card!  Respite cards rescue the player from whatever malady they've been afflicted with. There are some really funny ones so you almost hate to have a respite card found! Well, Unless you're the player or team acting out the problem that is!

All in all, you will LOVE this game. Especially with kids, but I can see some adults playing it too! Me being one of them! I almost hated being the hostess and not participating but I did get to laugh ridiculously loud and often!

Other than the fact that it's just flat out fun, one thing I loved about the game is it's a downloaded game. That means you buy it, you download it, print out all the cards and cut them out. This means, no more lost game pieces! If one gets misplaced, you can simply print that card again! Awesome for families with small children!  I am a bit silly about stuff like this and I printed mine out on some inexpensive card stock i got at walmart and I laminated the cards after cutting them out. You don't have to go that far of course lol. Plain paper will do just fine. I'm just always looking for a use for that laminator that I convinced myself I needed 4 years ago and have used a whopping total of 3 times!

Anyway, I highly recommend this game. It was really a great time and it's just so much fun! The ONLY downside I can see about it is that all the laughing I did during the game made my stomach and face hurt! True Story!

To get the game for yourself just visit It only costs 14.99 and like I mentioned long as you have a computer, you'll always have this game! I consider that a superb value! With your payment you get step by step, easy to understand instructions, the game pieces to print and you even get holiday invitations to send out to announce the festivities. You really can't beat it! The graphics are wonderful and cheery, just right for the fantastic time you're about to have! You will also find that is not just for Christmas, they also have games for other kinds of get togethers too! Check them out! Many of these games would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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