January 30, 2013

Kellogg's Family Rewards!

So I've mentioned a few times that I'm not really all that big on brand loyalty. As a Coupon Queen, I kind of have to be open minded about products in order to get the best deals. I am partial to several brands though. Kellogg's is one of them. Mostly because they make my favorite cereal in whole world, Frosted Mini-Wheats!  Love, love, love me some Mini-wheats. Thanks to couponing, I am pretty sure I have at least 8 boxes of them in the house right now and if there's a good sale on them this week that I can combine with a coupon, I'll have a few more! Don't judge me!

Anyway, Kellogg's just made it easier to be a bit more brand loyal and I am loving it! They now have a loyalty program in which you can earn lots and lots of goodies just for buying the products you love. It's super easy to use too, which makes me love it even more!

All you do is go to Kellogg's Family Rewards and sign up, for free of course! Then go directly to your pantry, run, don't walk and frantically search look for this logo on Kellogg's brand boxes/packaging.

(When I found out about this program I already had several boxes of stuff with this reward logo on it and didn't even notice it. So chances are you have some too!)

Inside the box, printed on the either the front or back panel, you will see a code. It actually looks like a key code that software companies use, but much more fun since you get freebies for using it. Make sure you are logged into the Kellogg's Family Rewards site, then at the top left , type in your code in the box provided and hit submit. If you found a treasure trove of specially marked rewards boxes in your pantry, look in the middle of the page at the top and click on "Enter Multiple Codes" and get busy!

What can you get for those codes? Awesome stuff! Even REALLY good coupons! You can even help the planet by planting a tree through Treecycler for just 500 points! There are digital download credits for music, ebooks and games. There are also books, gift certificates for flowers and much, much more. All for just buying what you already love.

Get started and see what you can earn. I've decided to save up and get a free subscription to Woman's Day. it only takes 10,000 points and that's easy to reach with as much as I buy couponing and such. I'll keep you updated on how long it takes me to reach my goal! I'm at 300 points so far and I only redeemed 2 codes and got some bonus points......I still have about 30 boxes with the logo on it.......hehe!

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NOTE: I was not asked to post this, I have not been paid for this review. I am simply excited that one of my favorite brands is doing something awesome and wanted to share it with everyone :)

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