January 15, 2013

The Joys Of Selling Online

So I started selling on EBay again. For the most part it has been a positive experience. I am one of those ultra descriptive sellers. I describe flaws no one else can see lol. Literally! "George" says I am seeing things but I look at it this way. If I think I see it, then describe it, if the buyer gets it and doesn't see it, they're happy. If I don't see it and the buyer does, then they get all bent out of shape, money has to be refunded, blah blah blah. It's a big deal!

Then there's the people you simply cannot please. It doesn't matter how accurately you describe something, the deal they got or whether the shipping costs were fair. They gripe, just so they can gripe and then expect you to refund all or part of their purchase. They want to keep the merchandise mind you..........but they want a refund! So my new policy going forward is going to be "send it back and prove how unhappy you REALLY are". Not that I've had a lot of problems with this........there's only been 2 in fact, but 2 is enough. Especially when neither of the problems were anything to do with me. It was the post office that messed up. One of the buyers complained about the cost of shipping and just telling me all about it. Well, the shipping costs were calculated based on the exact weight of the item and guess what? No one forced him to bid! Ugh! I finally just told him to take it up with the post office and that I could not issue a refund because shipping costs are outrageous through the postal service. The other issue involved an idiot postal worker not reading a label correctly and a lazy post office not returning a package to me promptly so that it could be sent out again. Apparently I should have exercised my powers as an eBay seller over the post office and ensured that they did their job correctly or something.

That's the biggest issue too the postal service doesn't care if you are a satisfied customer lol, what are you going to do? Stop using them? They can pretty much do whatever they want and we have to deal with it. Unless you're an eBay seller and then of course you must pay the price for their lack of efficiency and high costs. For instance, I just listed a 1950's game table on eBay yesterday that is odd sized and weighs over 20 pounds. Looking at the shipping costs for it, I feel fairly certain I will have this table for awhile lol. Maybe not, but that's my prediction anyway.

While looking for cheap ways to ship it I came across a few localized services that could help if I were closer to their area. Ship Smart was one of them and I really wish they were here in Texas rather than San Francisco Bay! We have nothing like this type of business here where I live. Granted I am in the deep East Texas Piney Woods but hey........we ship stuff too! Just saying.......... It's these kinds of places that strive to give good customer service because yes, you can in fact go elsewhere and they know it! So they are priced competitively and they work to see that you are happy with your shipping experience. Ohhhhhhh if we just had one them here!

It's times like this that I hate living in a small town. We're often overlooked by convenience type businesses who seem to think we won't use their service. Trust me...........we would! So for those of you lucky enough to have these kinds of businesses, utilize them! The rest of us will stay here in the stone ages hoping the postal service gets better. Ugh!


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