February 6, 2013

Personalized Biorhythms & Look! A Giveaway!

Sample chart
A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity from BecauseITriedIt.com to have a free biorhythm reading done. I normally don't really go in for that kind of thing. I don't know why exactly, especially since I do actually believe there is something to it. I guess I just like being surprised by each new day that comes and I also very much believe in the power of suggestion.

For instance, if someone tells me something is really good, I am the kind of person who will hunt a product down, within reason, to try it. I am also the kind of person who will avoid something like the plague if someone I know gives a negative review of something I don't already have an opinion on. It can be about anything. A Product, a service, a store, you name it. It's been suggested to be good or bad so it must be. Thankfully this only works on me with people I know and trust otherwise commercials would have me owning 100 sham-wows and Lord only knows how many different George Foreman grills I would have!

Suggestion also works with other things as well. If I am dreading something, I can ruin my entire day thinking about it. Sometimes more than a day! Sooooooo, when I was offered this opportunity, I accepted but I decided to wait until the time period the BioRhythm was written for was over to view it. That way, no suggestion was possible until it was too late.

For the most part I stuck to it too. I have 10 days left out of the 30 on the chart made for me. I decided to view it early because frankly I was hoping for some good news. Like maybe, "you're thyroid medication will begin working properly on the 7th of February and you will not be in pain any longer". Yeah, I know that's a bit too specific for a Biorhythm chart but hey, like i always say, "if you're going to dream, go big or go home". So I dreamed.

Of course there was nothing like I dreamed of but the chart is actually pretty darned interesting! For a 30 day period the chart tells you pretty much what you can expect Physically, Intellectually and Emotionally. Nothing specific, just highs and lows and what days look to be your best, worst, etc.
My Personalized Chart

I have to say my chart was fairly accurate so far. Especially on the Physical flow scale. It shows, as you can see that a critical day for me was January 28th. I went through my facebook posts and found that indeed, the 28th was a pretty rough day. For whatever reason the pain got worse that day, to the point that I actually asked for prayer for myself. I don't often do that. I ask for prayer for others, but seldom for me. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I pray for myself when I say my prayers while I pray for others and figure if God wants to help a gal out he'll do so. He knows what I'm going through anyway and I know when he decides enough is enough or I learn whatever he wants me to learn or I help whoever he wants me to help it will end. Point being.......I don't ask for prayer for myself, but that day I did. The only problem now is that I'm a little scared lol. I should have waited til the 9th to view this chart. My next critical physical day is the 8th! Ugh!

On the upside, I have an appointment with my doctor that day too and we are going to have us a little talk about this pain and the medications. So maybe this time "critical" will be a positive thing in that my doctor will come up with a good treatment plan that will be more helpful so that I can get back to more pain free days than not. I am suggesting to myself very strongly that the 8th will be a critically awesome day. :)

The Intellectual and Emotional flows were pretty accurate as well. Again, I looked at Facebook and my posts to look for any matches and I found quite a few good indicators that the chart was right on the money. So it's pretty neat really!

Are you interested in getting a free BioRhythm chart done for you or would you like one done for a friend as a gift? BecauseITriedIt.com has offered 2 of my readers a chance to get their very own personalized chart done for absolutely free! To enter to win, just follow the instructions below on the Rafflecopter widget. A winner will be drawn 2-10-13 at midnight. Winners will be emailed with how to collect their prize. Biorhythm Charts are delivered by email generally within 24 hours in a pdf format.

Don't want to wait? Get your Personalized Gifts For Anyone, Anytime. You will love the delivery time. I sure did. I placed my order, gave my info and had my chart within 24 hours. Great for a last minute gift! Especially for people who really do like to know what's coming up and when to be more cautious, etc. It's fun, interesting and easy to do. Plus it's only $2.00 for information that could make life a little bit easier! You can't go wrong there!

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