February 5, 2013

With A New Diagnosis, Comes New Supplements

Well, this is week 2 of knowing I have this Hashimoto's crapola. Can you tell I'm happy? Yes, that's sarcasm! I'm not happy at all. Things have not gotten any better, in fact they have gotten worse. At least as far as the pain goes. My hair has grown at least an inch though and as bad as I hurt, I can't seem to sit still and just relax. Oh no! I have to get up and clean, cook, literally FIND things to do because my energy level is astronomical. It hurts like hell to do it, and it hurts even more afterwards, but sitting still is not possible. So, I'm in sort of a hilarious hell. It's funny, it really is! That's NOT sarcasm.

Anyway, now that I've complained, I shall rejoice! As most of you know, I really prefer natural supplements to those put out by the big pharmaceutical companies. Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera and Raw Honey are among many natural things that cure or at least make bearable many, many ailments. The problem is that those same items can be quite costly and in my case, hard as anything to find!

I live in a small town. We do have a nutrition store but it's teeny tiny and carries very little. It's also run by a very sweet little old lady who has been convinced by earnest sales persons to only carry their brands. I'm convinced they talk her into stocking things no one else does just to boost their numbers too. Every now and then I can find Bromelain in there but it's $20.00. Everywhere else it's about $5. You see the problem here?

Now, with the Hashimoto's diagnosis, I am needing new supplements and adding some to a daily regimen. None of which she carries and Wal-mart doesn't carry the exact quality I need in certain ones. I have a source for Raw Honey, so I'm good there. I grow my own Aloe, so that's good too, but there are other things I can't find and can't drive 30 miles for. Today, here's the rejoicing part, I found Astronutrition! O...EMM.GEE, they not only have what I need, but they have it for superb prices and great shipping too! They even have "Happy Pills"! See!

I've been looking everywhere for Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. Found it! Needed a higher quality Co Q10 than Wally world carries...Found it!! REALLY needed some Organic Vinegar, found it too! All in one place. All without leaving home. All without paying a fortune! That's not all they carry of course. They actually have over 10,000 health supplements. Something for everyone!

While I was looking around I also noticed that they have a "Living Naturally Center".  Look for it! It's on the right hand side, near the top! It's full of great information on pretty much anything health/supplement related! I found some really good information related to this Hashimoto's crapola that I hadn't seen anywhere else. Looks like I'll need to add a few more supplements to my regimen. What's a few more pills if it will help me feel normal? That was a little sarcastic lol, but not really. I desperately want the pain to end and just feel completely normal again.

So anyway, just thought I'd share that site with those of you who also believe in natural healing. Tell em I sent ya! They don't know me yet, so don't expect a big discount or anything but they will soon enough lol. In about 10 minutes to be precise!

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