March 16, 2013

Ol' 4 Eyes

That's me! I mentioned in a previous catch up post about getting glasses and now I thought I'd tell ya about 'em. For the last several months, I've noticed I couldn't read small print and had to squint to even make out ANY of the words. It was getting so that I was having to ask George, or one of the kids to tell me what some things said. Everything seemed to have a glare on it.

So, I finally sucked it up and went to the Optometrist. Actually, I sucked it up and took Daniel with me. He'd been needing to have his eyes checked too so I figured we could be moral support for each other. Turns out we BOTH needed glasses. He just needed a little more than readers. He has a bit of farsightedness going on. Enough that he was getting really bad headaches while working due to having to watch computer screens. So it's not too bad since he only has to wear them while reading or working. me on the other hand, I had to go and have cone shaped something or other's in my eyes which meant I didn't just need glasses, I needed Bi-focals! Blech!

Despite already KNOWING I needed some help, I still felt a little deflated. Not because of anything logical, just the whole "getting older" thing. I'm only seems a little early to have stuff start breaking down lol.

So anyway, yep, now  have to wear glasses. Supposed to wear them all the time but that's not happening yet. I do wear them when reading and working so that's the important times covered right there. When I need them to see the television, I'll really start to worry!

And no.........there will be no pictures! Ever! least not for awhile. I may be resigned to wearing them, but that doesn't mean I've actually accepted it!

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