March 16, 2013

PottyCover! Yes!

Before we get started, let me say this review is technically for a children's product. I'm supposed to tell my fellow parents that this will help them feel a lot better about the times their child has to use a public restroom, and it will! It's amazing! But here's the thing........I am 42 and on that recent trip to Oklahoma, I would have given ANYTHING to have a PottyCover!

See, I am one of those, "I don't want to be a bother" travelers. Unless there is a dire emergency, I pretend I have kidneys of steel and won't ask to stop anywhere. I wait for someone else to whine and seize the opportunity!

So on the trip to Oklahoma, I found myself in a bit of a pickle. One of the places we stopped at wasn't exactly as clean as it could have been. I had been needing to potty for about 2 hours. I was also really thirsty but I knew that adding even a drop of  liquid to my kidneys was going to cause a big problem. So I waited because we had already discussed where we were going to stop and there was no point in stopping in between there. So when we finally did, i get in there expecting it to be like most travel centers and was horrified to find only one toilet and it was pretty gross. I knew there was no way I could make it anywhere further down the road so it was this or the sink. (I'm not QUITE that redneck, or that limber).Thankfully there were those flushable toilet covers so I thought I'd put about 6 on the toilet and I'd be almost okay. Ya know, try not to REALLY sit down. Problem was, the first 2 I put on the toilet fell through into the toilet. So there I was doing the pee-pee dance,  my only hope was getting at least one, preferably 12, covers to stay on or embracing my redneck roots. Finally I guess the good Lord had laughed at me enough and I managed to get 2 covers to stay on top of the toilet seat. The problem with that was that at the back of the toilet seat, there was apparently some liquid. And what do you know, it soaked right through both covers immediately! That was okay, i just did the squat and didn't really sit down. Thankfully, I wasn't having a bad balance day or I probably would have just broke down and cried. After my kidneys were no longer screaming, the whole situation was funny, but at the time, it was just horrible!

So, then, I get home and after some mailing issues, I get this package of PottyCovers to review. I was thinking it would be great for the grandmunchkins. Little did I know that they would become a new "must-have" for future traveling situations for myself lol. I don't care if it looks or sounds ridiculous, I'm gonna be proudly covering any future public toilets with a polka dotted potty cover!

Here's why! They cover not ONLY the toilet seat, but the entire front of the toilet AND a good bit of the sides. So your bootie or your child's bootie only touches the potty cover! That's important especially for little hands that feel the need to hold on to the toilet seat. No more worries of what they could be touching! Little bare legs won't touch either. Not just that but the covers are waterproof! So there is literally a barrier between the toilet seat and your munchkin! The covers are made of soft non-woven fabric which is coated with plastic to keep away any germs and wetness. ( I would have KILLED for this thing on the trip!). The covers are disposable, but not flush able and come individually wrapped for easy carrying in your purse or diaper bag. When your child is done, you simply throw it in the trash. They come in a pack of 6 for just 5.99 so it's just under a dollar to protect yourself or your child from God knows what! I call that a bargain!

They are available at amazon, ebay, Buy Buy Baby and select Bed, Bath And Beyond Stores. But wait, don't click yet! One lucky reader will win their very own 6 count package of their very own! Now what would you pay? Oops, I mean, they're still 5.99 but someone is going to get them free. Got a little carried away there. I'm going to make it super easy to win these too!

I shared my embarrassing, need a potty cover, story,and that's what I want you to do too! Please don't be gross or graphic though. Just tell us about a time you really could have used these! There are a couple other ways to get entries which are optional, but if you don't share a story, you can't win. Sorry. Fair is fair right? Contest ends March 23 at midnight and the winner will be announced March 24th!  And don't worry, unlike SOME previous sponsors, I KNOW these guys will ship your prize. They're super awesome to work with! So get to entering!

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