March 15, 2013

Wire Dog Crates Are Ugly! Give Rover Something Pretty!

Love your dog, hate the wire crate? Not anymore! Love your dog and get rid of the wire crate or at least make it look a whole lot better in your home! I know lots of people who adore their fur babies and have to put them in a crate at night but hate the fact that those wire crates are so darn ugly! They don't "go" with any decor. I think I might have seen a pink one once which was a little prettier than the standard black but we don't all live in Barbie house. (She has EVERYTHING I tell you!)

Anyway, so the nice people at Dog Supply Network have the solution for the ugly wire cage syndrome. 2 Solutions to be more precise. I think they are both insanely creative ways to stop the ugliness. They offer dog crate covers and wood dog crates that serve more than to just give your pooch a nighttime sleeping area.

I honestly wish I had thought of this! Even just for my own home! My Harley is huge, a good 90 pounds currently and if he needed a crate inside it would be even bigger than he is. And it would be ugly! Sorry, but it would. All I have seen on the market are like I said "Ugly wire cages". Frankly, I hate the idea of putting him in a cage at all, but if I had to, I'd love it to be something pretty and possibly multi-functional. Like this for example:
Oak Cage Cover

Pretty Right? It's custom made to fit right over the wire cage. Doesn't interfere with the cage door opening. Made of solid Oak, with Amish quality craftsmanship and crafted not just for beauty but to last! Your furbaby gets the privacy they like and you get something that actually looks great! As a bonus, it could be used as an end table as well. See? Pretty AND practical!

I must admit though, I am a huge fan of this one:
 And this one too:
My Harley would look awesome in this one!

So if you are like me and like style as well as function and appreciate true craftsmanship, consider giving your furbabies' crate a makeover that YOU can appreciate and keep them safe and happy too!

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