Hire Me!

As an advertiser you know how important word of mouth marketing is for your brand. You can pay m,illions for a commercial telling someone how great your product is but the fact is that Americans don't really trust commercials anymore. We know that you pay celebrities more money than most of us will make in a lifetime to endorse your product. We know that in all likelihood that if you weren't paying them, they wouldn't touch your product with a 10 foot pole.

Americans, especially Mom's rely on each other for advice. We don't ask a celebrity what they plan to use on their baby's butt for a diaper rash. We ask our neighbor. We ask our friends. We ask our families. Word of mouth is more trustworthy. In our opinion, if Neighbor A says "I tried this product and loved it" that means they actually paid money for it or they were given a sample and they are now giving it a thumbs up. If Neighbor B says "This celebrity says this product is great", we know that they saw a commercial but what are the chances that they actually USE that brand? Slim to probably none is usually the answer.

As a mom, I take advice giving seriously. If I don't like a product or service, I tell people. If I find a great product, I will shout about it from the rooftops. As a Mom blogger I am  the same way. If I buy a product and I love it, I will tell my readers.

Do you need a truthful review of your product? Contact me with details regarding your product and what type of review you are looking for. I am available to do compensated reviews, review of a free product and/or giveaway promotions.

I look forward to working with you and your brand.